Super Punch Out (Super Nintendo) Game Review

Super Punch Out (Super Nintendo) Game Review
Super Punch Out (Super Nintendo) Game Review


Super Punch Out (Super Nintendo) Game Review

Released : Oct.1994

Reviewed : June 25th, 2012

Genre : Boxing

System : Super Nintendo


Review :


My first retro game review (more to come in the future) so I decided to take a look at a beloved game for the Super Nintendo. How does it hold up and is it as good as they say it is, yes it holds up and yes it is still pretty good.


Super Punch out is the sequel to Nintendo’s hit Punch Out. You play Little Mac as you fight from the minors all the way to the majors for your dream fight. This along made it vastly different than the original as this was the first one to include a story mode. Along with story mode this game also includes a time attack mode which keeps stats of your quickest KO’s against the various boxers in the roster.


Gameplay though is what made this game stand the test of time with it’s simplicity. You control you guy from behind him in a third person view. Controls are easy enough to learn but still require loads of time to completely master them. Another factor that gives this game a large amount of replayablity is the difficulty. It isn’t overly hard as the first few fights are pretty easy but later on you will need to master how to beat each guy. It might be learning each characters weakness or just mastering a quick way to block then take him out. It adds a good amount of replayability without making it so hard that it isn’t fun. Since it isn’t a realistic sports game at all they are able to add some over the top and crazy characters into the mix that you fight during your fight to the top.


Graphically the game is colorful and each character has a different look and feel to them when facing them. The sound is decent but easily forgettable.


The only thing I have to say bad about this game is I often found it kinda boring. Since you are limited to your movements and sometimes fights can take longer than you want the game lost some of its effect. It is fun in short bursts but can get tiresome and repetitive quickly.


Overall though the game is still worth a play through even today, just make sure not to play it in long bursts.


Score :




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