Evolve EP – Chelsea Grin (2012) CD Review

Evolve EP - Chelsea Grin (2012) CD Review
Evolve EP – Chelsea Grin (2012) CD Review

Evolve EP – Chelsea Grin (2012) CD Review

Released : June 19th, 2012

Reviewed : June 17th, 2012

Genre : Deathcore

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Chelsea Grin – My Damnation

Track Listing :

  • The Second Coming
  • Lilith
  • S.H.O.T.
  • Confession
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Review :

Well I didn’t even know Chelsea Grin had a EP coming out until about 2 weeks ago. Between their new album dropping last year and their constant touring I just wasn’t expecting it.

Now to start if off we have The Second Coming which in all honestly is a good track. It sounds like something off of “My Damnation”. It still carries the generic breakdowns but his vocals sound great in the song and it is really just a good song. The only thing I don’t care for is the few parts where he talks near the end of the song. Lilith on the other hand is horrible. I don’t understand why he decided to try clean vocals for it. They aren’t really anything impressive and it makes the song sound extremely generic. Also his highs for some of the parts in the song are horrible. It was able as if he was trying to yell in a high pitch voice but couldn’t really nail it. S.H.O.T isn’t horrible but I feel like it is just another Chelsea Grin song. I don’t find anything new in it. I sometimes think that some of the guitar parts are the same from Lilith. I mean some parts of the songs have a good vibe to them and again Alex’s voice for the highs sound good but it’s just a generic song. Also his prolonged highs really are bad to hear. Confession again has clean vocals in it. Maybe Chelsea Grin just feels like they should fit into the same sound that 90% of bands do. Other than the cleans and almost whiny vocals in the songs he sounds fine but again it is almost like some of the same guitar techniques are being used in the song. It also is just boring to listen to sometimes, it gets way to chuggy in parts. Now Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell is just by far the worst song on the album and just horrible all around. It has a techno feel to it along with horrible singing and overlapping singing. I mean it is almost as if they are trying to make the worst song to end the album.

Overall, check out the first song then avoid the EP. Listen to My Damnation instead.

Score :


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