Family Game Night 4 : The Show (Xbox 360) Game Review

Family Game Night 4 : The Show (Xbox 360) Game Review
Family Game Night 4 : The Show (Xbox 360) Game Review


Family Game Night 4 : The Show (Xbox 360) Game Review

Released : May 2011

Reviewed : June 14th, 2012

Genre : Family, Game Show. Board Game


Review :


Family Game Night 4 was a bad idea of trying to take some loved and cherished board games and add new twists to them then add them into a bad game show vibe. Now the game show part works as you face off against the AI in each game with a best 2 out of 3 way. Now the AI is pretty cheap for most of the game modes plus the fact that having to play the game show mode is beyond boring itself makes it near unbearable. To top if off they add a monopoly type mode in between where they draw cards that determine the outcome of the final score. The funny thing is though that you can win all rounds and games yet the computers cards may have a higher value making you lose. It really makes no sense at all. I went through it a few times and after maybe the 2nd time I was 100% positive I never wanted to do it again. That is how bad their “game show” mode is. Now just to make it easy I will go through each game mode and tell you how I feel about them.

Bop – It is you normal game where you follow commands. Now for the first few commands it tells you the controls then after that you have to remember it. To win you have to have the computer miss three before you do. The AI in this is just beyond dumb and will usually miss their 3 right after you have to remember the controls. Games don’t last that long nor are they really that fun at all.


Connect 4 Basketball is exactly what it sounds like. It is Connect 4 Basketball style. Now this game is also beyond simple since if you are fast enough even in the game where you have to wait until the AI has taken their turn you can still win within a minute. If you give the AI a chance though they will block you. The game is fun but since you can beat it almost instantly it doesn’t have a huge replay value.


Scrabble Flash is a quick version of Scrabble in which you get a select number of letters and you have to make as many words as possibly with them. This is by far the only worthwhile game in the entire bunch. It is a lot of fun to try and figure out words for this and do it all under the quick time limit. The computer will actually go along with this game mode it seem but very rarely did they ever form 5 letter words. That being said the game has tons of replayablity in it.


Sorry Sliders is really just shuffleboard. This game mode utilizes your avatar and that is the best part about it. The game is nearly unplayable yet alone horribly boring. It really is no fun and after a few tries I just skipped it forever.


Final game is Yahtzee Bowling and as you expect it is horrible. Again you can use your avatar to roll the ball but the game doesn’t seem to know how to keep score for this one. At times it will act as if it is following poker rules with what it considers a hand but I mainly noticed that either I or the AI would have the better hand and it would appoint us the loser. The game plays by its own rule.


Other than Scrabble this game is horrible and should be avoided.


Score :




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