Kevin Smith “Burn In Hell” (2012) Movie Review

Kevin Smith "Burn In Hell" (2012) Movie Review
Kevin Smith “Burn In Hell” (2012) Movie Review

Kevin Smith “Burn In Hell” (2012) Movie Review

Released : Feb.11th, 2012

Released : June 12, 2012

Genre : Comedy

Story (from Netflix) :


Writer-director-comedian Kevin Smith conducts a riotous and outrageous Q & A session about the aftermath of his film Red State. His antics angered movie bloggers at the Sundance Film Festival and attracted the ire of Christian fundamentalists.


Review :


Really whatever Kevin Smith does ends up funny. This latest one isn’t a standup but a Q&A session that for the most parts revolves around all the talk about his latest film Red State and then Kevin Smith telling stories about his dad. In fact I would beckon to say this is really a Q&A based on the fact that he goes far into stories and only ends up for 3 or 4 questions within the hour and half length of it. He does put a lot of passion and thought into the stories he tells though and his whole story involving him and members of the Westboro Baptist Church was quite entertaining to say the least it still lacks that draw factor sometimes. As entertaining as some of the stories are you just get a little drawn out of them sometimes based on the length of them plus that sometimes there are large chunks of the stories that aren’t a tad bit funny even. For a Kevin Smith fan is entertaining but for anyone looking for one of his stand up’s you won’t like this at all. The stories are funny and intriguing sometimes but just don’t always have the draw they should.


Score :



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