Jim Gaffigan “Mr.Universe” (2012) Movie Review

Jim Gaffigan "Mr.Universe" (2012) Movie Review
Jim Gaffigan “Mr.Universe” (2012) Movie Review

Jim Gaffigan “Mr.Universe” (2012) Movie Review

Released : 2012

Reviewed : June 12th, 2012

Genre: Stand Up Comedy

Story (from Netflix) :

Funnyman Jim Gaffigan offers up his unique take on everything from Disney World to overweight whales in this live show from Washington, D.C. Other topics include McDonald’s, indoor pools, slothfulness and having a fourth child.


Review :


One of today’s best comedians Jim Gaffigan’s latest standup continues his random talk of subjects that are not only completely random but with his trademark whisper borders on insanity yet it works and continues to be funny. Jim shows he really truly shines when talking about food since this has large portion of jokes about food such as Subway and McDonalds yet remains funny. His whispers continue to bring in laughs yet it’s done in such a unorthodox way that no other comedian would be able to even try to do it. Now compared to his previous standup’s this one may be the worst of them all but that isn’t saying much since this is still funny. I did though find his jokes about family to almost drag on for a little too long and no reference to “Hot Pockets” was disappointing though understandable. Overall it is worth the view and will still make you laugh nearly nonstop but compared to “King Baby” and the perfect “Beyond The Pale” this one is his weakest performance yet. Hopefully his next standup will bring back some of his older moments that made him shine.


Score :




One thought on “Jim Gaffigan “Mr.Universe” (2012) Movie Review”

  1. Just finished watching this new special and thought that it was pretty funny. His raps on Subway and vitamins were probley the best parts. Nothing will top his “Beyond the Pale” special.

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