Men In Black Alien Crisis (Xbox 360) Game Review

Men In Black Alien Crisis (Xbox 360) Game Review
Men In Black Alien Crisis (Xbox 360) Game Review

Men In Black Alien Crisis (Xbox 360) Game Review

Released : May 22nd, 2012

Reviewed : June 5th, 2012

Genre : Action


Review :


Now movie games usually get a bad rep for being games that are generally rushed and shallow because they are mainly made to make cash off a movie of the same name or theme. This game fits right into that category. This game is rushed and most of shallow. Now if the right amount of time and care was actually put into making a real MIB game you could have something good, instead we get this “game”.


First off this game is really just a rail shooter that lets you have very limited movement with a few bad driving sequences. Don’t forget the “stealth” scenes though also. The majority of the game plays like a rail shooter with you going from area to area killing everything. Now they do give you a few different guns with some different abilities to try and change the pace. Still doesn’t change the fact that this is a glorified rail shooter. The controls are stiff shooting wise and when you can move the controls are even worse. Aiming takes awhile to get use to and even then you never really have to try and go out of your way to aim since the enemies seem to enjoy standing still in the open waiting for their demise. Upgrading your weapon just really consists of aiming over the diamond which enemies randomly drop then added it to one of three sections for you weapon. That easy. Takes no work at all. It just shocks me that they just didn’t add free movement into the game. It’s 2012 and they think that making this will sell for $60.


There are a few areas in the game in which you control a flying car. Now they decided to only use about 1/8th of the controller for this by making it where you use the right stick to not only aim but also drive. That’s right, so not only do you have to aim and kill enemies but at the same time you have to worry about not crashing into things and collecting powerups.  Why they did this will forever ponder me. Those scenes thankfully are short lived and add absolutely nothing to the game.


To add sprinkles onto a turd though they also added what I assume to be stealth scenes. Now those have you identifying objects and aliens to sneaking around and shooting out cameras and enemies. Like the rest of the game it is beyond bad. Plus this seems to be when random things happen like you will shoot a camera and a guy across the room looking the opposite direction will notice or vice versa. The scenes sometimes only last a few minutes though then switch back to guns blazing. Makes you wonder why they decide to be stealthy for a minute then all of a sudden just open fire.

Ready for the kicker though, I was able to beat this game on normal difficulty taking my time and looked around in a whole 2 hours and 5 minutes. That’s right, this full retail game took me 2 hours and odd change to beat. Taking my time too remember that. I wonder if someone did a speed run how fast they could do that at. Achievement wise it only takes maybe 5 hours for the full 1000GS and you will get 85% of the achievements on the first playthrough.


Overall this game is worth being a cup holder. That’s all. It really doesn’t have any redeeming factors other than being the butt of a joke with friends.


Score : 1.5/10


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