Battleship (Xbox 360) Game Review

Battleship (Xbox 360) Game Review
Battleship (Xbox 360) Game Review

Battleship (Xbox 360) Game Review

Released : April 20th , 2012

Reviewed : June 3rd , 2012

Genre : First Person Shooter / Real Time Strategy


Review :


Well another movie game. Must be pretty bad right? In short yes, yes it is. Battleship the game comes in barring a story for the ages. By that we mean it will take you ages to wonder why this game really doesn’t have a story. You play a Chief whos job it is to disarm bombs. Magically though when the aliens attack he springs into action like Rambo and somehow knows what to do.


The game though is your generic first person shooter. You run in a narrow path killing aliens (of which there are apparently only 3 types of) and disarming control panels. Now that sounds like fun right! The weapons in this game though are your average Sniper, Shotgun, M16, Grenade and two added alien weapons which somehow your guy knows how to use.  In addition to that though they also added in a bad “Battleship” (see what I did there) type RTS button mashing part of the game. Now that works as you are trying to capture points on a grid and for some reason that is never explained there are other Navy ships attempting to sink you. You can pick up Wildcards that will help your ship but in the end it turns into a hassle since every time you have to enter and exit the mode you have to wait for loading. The actual ship on ship combat is really just button mashing and only lasts around 15 seconds. It gets old fast.


The controls for this game though are stiff and clunky. After a while you get use to it but you can tell it was rushed. Graphically it looks around early xbox times. Nothing impressive in the slightest. Even the sound just sounds rushed since it really is all just the same sounds. The game itself is only around 4 hours long if you take your time. Even achievements wise just by playing the game normally you’ll unlock the majority of the achievements.


Overall, this game really isn’t worth anyones time. In the end it is just another generic movie game.


Score :




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