NAPW Wrestling — Whiting, Indiana — May 11th, 2012



Attended NAPW’s “Indiana Invasion” show last night (5-11-2012) in Whiting Indiana at the Community Center. To say that this show was a complete bust would not be anything but right on the mark. A show being advertised on their website had the show starting at 7pm. I arrived at 7:05 and the ring was still being brought into the building. The metal ring entrance/curtain was put off to the side and not set-up.

The matches finally started at 8:20 with the wrestlers simply walking out of a door going to the ring. The attendance counted was 35 people. I understand things happen as shows start late all the time, but to not have your A-game setup for those of us that PAID OUR MONEY to see a good show is disappointing. We missed out on a typical grand pro wrestling entrance. Just walking out a door kind of lost the grandeur. The ring announcer never left his seat to intro the wrestlers in the ring, which is what is usually done. Former TNA/ROH star Homicide was brought in as the guest wrestler and was put up against Diego Corleone. The crowd had a consistent chant of “Use the fork” and “Tables” but that was never the case as we were shown numerous arm drags followed up with an armbar. Homicide did take the action into the crowd, slammed Diego in the wall, and threw a chair at him. That was about as wild as this match got. Not what you would expect from a Homicide match. Nothing against Diego but not my first choice as an opponent for Homicide (who did get the victory). NAPW’s Champion Pauly Thomiselli defended his title against jobber “The Seaman”. Really!!! There was zero heat of any kind from the crowd for this match other than making “semen” jokes. Another misuse of talent in my opinion. Pauly had his hand raised in victory. I will give the vets credit in trying to get a sparse crowd excited. Pauly worked hard to try and get Seaman over. You could tell that Homicide was ready a few times to break loose but was held back by Corleone. The Midnight Express Reboot had another strong showing defeating rookies Alex Bernadino and Anthony Antonelli. Justa Mazing flying high over the top rope onto the floor was a high-spot. Grin continues to impress me every time I see him as he had a solid match in a 3 way Dance with Barry Ryte and Doug Simmons (which Simmons won).

After a debut show here in January that had a near sell-out to a show with 35 people, NAPW will need to regroup and consider it’s future in Whiting. They have had very good wrestlers in the past perform like Hardcore Craig, Machine, Derek St. Holmes Esq., Colt Cabana, Sharkboy, Tony Rican and many others. This card just happened to fall way short of their usual product.


One thought on “NAPW Wrestling — Whiting, Indiana — May 11th, 2012”

  1. I heard that the guy that runs the promotion is a real tool and is running that promotion into the ground. Good! One less bad indy promotion.

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