Interview With Ian Shuirr Of “Straight Line Stitch”.

Straight Line Stitch
Straight Line Stitch

Today we are here with Ian Shuirr drummer of the Knoxville metalcore band “Straight Line Stitch”. First off I’d like to thank him for taking the time to do this interview since they just started a long US tour.

So to start off, I know SLS just started a tour, how’s that going so far?

Yeah we are going to be out for 2 and 1/2 months total on this run and so far it’s been a lot of fun. Everyone gets along great and it’s been a fun and exciting experience. We all have our moments where we are tired and sore but that’s just part of it, so far so good! Meeting a lot of awesome people.

Now you guys are hitting up many places and actually almost going town to town playing. Are you guys trying to hit up every place possible to reach all your fans?

Yeah pretty much. We will play anywhere really. Been playing some smaller places but a lot of times those are the shows that you really remember and are nice and intimate with the fans/friends that you meet. Good times.

Speaking of fans, I notice SLS is very vocal with their fans during shows and on their Facebook. How important do you think it is to communicate with all of your fans and supporters?

Most definitely. I think we all consider ourselves to be a very humble group of individuals and what better way to show your appreciation to the people who make what we do possible ya know. We love talking and meeting the people who dig what we do.

Last year was a big year touring for you and the band opening up the year supporting Times Of Grace on their first tour then playing the side stage of Rockstars’ Mayhem Fest during the summer to now doing your own headlining tour. Going from one tour to another how different are they all? Have you started to see familiar faces at shows from fans that see you at all of them?

Well I recently came back to the band and wasn’t with them last year when they did all of those bigger tours so I would’nt really be the one to answer that the best but, from what I gather or have heard them say it was probably much different than what we are doing right now. Those tours were probably a lot more fast paced and all. Right now we are playing last and usually play late at night where as on the other tours they were most likely more tightly run and they played earlier in the day or night. Can’t wait to do some of those tours though! We have definitely come across a ton of people who have been into the band for a long time and/or saw them on the mayhem festival or a different tour. Been hearing that a lot so it’s so nice to meet a lot of the people who continue to support this band. I see a lot of people who I knew when I was in the band before so it’s awesome to see those familiar faces.

So knowing that there have been previous drummers in the band, how does it feel to be in the band? Do you think the chemistry is there with everyone?

I have nothing but respect for Patrick (Haynes) and Kanky (Lora). They are both musically driven and such talented people. I was in the band in 2005-2007 and played on the “To Be Godlike” album but it was a much different situation back then. The chemisty is most definitely “there” in this group of people. But we haven’t really done much jamming yet. Just have been playing shows so far. So that’s when the chemistry aspect will really kick in I think.
After this tour is over what are your plans with the band for the rest of the year?

After this tour we are going home for a month and probably go back out in August/September and then we would like to get onto the writing of the next album. Or at least the demoing process.

SLS’ last CD “The Fight Of Our Lives” came out last year, are you currently writing for a new album or plan on making another album this year?

Yeah, we are all currently writing guitar and bass stuff and putting all of our ideas on our laptops and just trying to get as many ideas down as possible so we have a lot to choose from. We already have a ton of ideas it’s just a matter of expanding on things and figuring out what we would like to use and all. I’m very excited to start piecing stuff together and hearing what direction the band will go in. We’d definitely like to broaden the sound of the band and take it to new places that the band hasn’t gone to yet.
To close out this interview is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to address or anything you would like to put out there in general?

I’d just like to say thank you from all of us in the band and crew to all the people/other bands/venues/mags/etc….. that have continued to support the band and to everyone who has welcomed us newcomers with open arms. We are going to work as hard as we can to deliver a quality show and the best album that we can when the time comes. Thank you very much for the interview

Lastly I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to do this interview and I wish you and SLS nothing but luck in the future. You can check out Straight Line Stitch on tour right now.

Straight Line Stitch
Straight Line Stitch

One thought on “Interview With Ian Shuirr Of “Straight Line Stitch”.”

  1. The one thing Ian forgot…. He recently got married to a WONDERFUL woman… Whom I’ve known for years.. and I see the happiness in their faces!!!

    Only other thing I can say is … Ian u guys keep rockin, stay safe on the road, and get back home !!!


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