ARW Wrestling — Hammond, IN — March 3rd, 2012

ARW Wrestling — Hammond, IN — March 3rd, 2012

I recently attended my first two A.R.W shows. A.R.W is Adrenaline Ringside Wrestling based out of Indiana. Let me tell you that this was one of the best independent promotions I have seen in quite a while. I have been to many others that claim to be the next big hit, from rockers starting their own promotions to ex-WWE jobbers that believe they will rule the world, and I can say that the product that A.R.W puts out is consistent and high quality.

Most of the wrestlers have some lengthy ring experience, from ring veterans like Hardcore Craig, Machine, Joey Boom Boom, Derek St. Holmes, and Psychotic Rage to the newer stars like Grin, Johnny Showtime, Indiana State Champion Marcus Portrait, and Rico Sanchez. While they are a true proponent of establishing and showcasing their own talent, you won’t find their cards filled with ex-superstars from the past who show up for a quick buck and 5 minute match. But for A.R.W it really works. I didn’t miss paying an inflated ticket price to see an old WWE or WCW star because the matches more than held their own. One match was a Tables match that was incredible. That same card also had a Leather Strap Match. You usually don’t expect the opening match to be nothing
more than a warm up for the crowd yet the last show in Lake Station featured an opening match that was insane from bell to bell. Ruff Crossing vs The Prince showed two guys going balls out to not “warm” the crowd up but to whip them into a frenzy.

I will tell anyone that is a fan of good professional wrestling, it is worth checking these guys out. I know it’s in Indiana but it’s worth the drive (how many of us drive a little extra to see a good concert). Tickets are a steal at only $10 and certain venues also have $1 drafts during the show. DVD’s are available of previous shows at all live events and soon will be available on-line (I will get that info posted as soon as I have it). Most shows are held in Hammond and Lake Station Indiana.

Here is their website

In the words of the late Sam Menacker…Fans, we’ll see you at the matches.

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