Interview With Ryan Streets Of “Autopsy On The Horizon”.

Autopsy On The Horizon Logo
Autopsy On The Horizon Logo


So today we are here with Ryan Streets mastermind behind the grindcore band Autopsy On The Horizon that is making a big splash on the metal scene right now. I’d like to thank him for taking the time to do this interview.

So to kick this interview off, this band was just recently started and it hit it off pretty big. Did you expect any of this to happen?

Not at all, This really started off as something I wasn’t going to take seriously. Just to live out a fantasy of having my own grindcore band. Granted there have been a lot of skeptics behind it. A one-man grindcore band isn’t going to have perfect production values or any major form of song structure. Hell, I use FL Studio’s as my drummer haha. I can say though that after the response it has gotten since the beginning I’ve decided to take it fairly seriously.

I know that before your demo and EP had even been released that you were offered a spot on a bill to play live. How did it feel to be offered the spot on that before even releasing anything or having a full band.

It was pretty crazy. Within a couple days of recording and releasing the demo I got an email asking to open up a small local grindcore showcase a couple hours away. It was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to accept the offer, but without someone to handle drums there was no way I could pull it off. It was a surreal experience and I just got another offer the other day to play a show but, again, had to decline.

Now speaking of a full band I know you are currently on the search for a full band to perform live with, how is that turning out?

It’s not turning out great, My main focus right now for that is to find a drummer that can handle it. There’s only 1 other grindcore band in this area, and they surpass my little project by a long shot. There aren’t a lot of drummers in this area and the ones that are good aren’t interested in grind.

Now you EP was just released last week for free. First, why did you decide to release it for free and secondly it has been getting some good feedback; did you expect any of that?

I released it for free because, still starting out, there’s no reason to charge people for music. I’m not in it to make money. I’d rather people download this stuff for free instead of pirating it and taking the slight risk of something happening legally. The feedback has been pretty good, I’m one of those people that second guesses everything and I wasn’t happy with the inconsistency in the songs but then the deadline hit and I didn’t have time to change anything. I also just released a new single, “Spoonful Of Smegma”, that has actually gotten a better response than the EP which is a little bit of a disappointment. A 4 second track has gotten better reception than a 3+ minute EP.

Now that the EP is released do you plan on releasing a full length album or what do you have planned for the band in the future?

Yes, The full length album will be right around 18 tracks. It will be recorded over the next few months and I’m hoping to have it released by September. Also, in August a split with Ampallang Infection, another great band, will be released. 3 tracks from me on one side and 3 tracks from Ampallang on the other. So keep your eyes out for that! I’d also like to start playing live by November, so hopefully that will work out. Other than that, not much is planned, aside from some merchandise being printed up.

Recently your band was mentioned on metalsucks, how was it going on there only to realize that you band was being mentioned on that site and that thousands of people would see it?

It was such an honor to be featured as part of a contest for “Completely Unreadable Band Logo Of The Week”. It really made me think that what started as a pipe dream could turn into something bigger.

Where did the idea to create a grindcore band come from and also where did you get the name “Autopsy On The Horizon” from?

I’ve loved grindcore for years, and it’s something that is really scarce in this local scene, which is a damn shame. So I felt the need for a new band to come up in this area. Where the name came from is a secret. One that I will take with me to my grave…or until someone figures it out.

To close out this interview is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to say or anything you’d like to say in general?

Support your local metal bands! Some of them work really damn hard and don’t get much recognition. Even if it’s a mediocre grindcore band, still show support! Buy the merch, share the Facebook pages, and most importantly go to the shows. Bands travel hours upon hours just to play a crowd of around 15 people, I’ve seen it happen and it sucks. People showing up to a hole in the wall bar just to see an unknown local band can be one of the greatest feelings to a musician.

Lastly I would like to thank Ryan for taking the time out of his day to do this interview. I wish him and the band nothing but luck in the future and I’m sure we will be hearing from him again soon. You can check out his band on Facebook at

or listen to the entire EP at

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