Shoot Many Robots XBLA Game Review

Shoot Many Robots XBLA Game Review
Shoot Many Robots XBLA Game Review


Shoot Many Robots XBLA Game Review

Released : March 14th , 2012

Reviewed : April 17th, 2012

Genre : Side Scrolling Shooter




Shoot Many Robots is a XBLA game at the price of 800 MSP ($10.00) and it is a nonstop fest in which you ironically “Shoot Many Robots”. You go stage from stage moving to the right killing everything that steps in your way. Now you have two various types of levels : one being a standerd level that’s completed by reaching the end with the other mode being a survival one that you complete by killing everything and making it to the end of the round.


The story for the game is nonexistent with your character really just killing all robots to take revenge on them for destroying his house and car. In between missions though you do stay in his RV where he keeps all his guns in his shower and that is where you are able to customize your character. Now that is where the game shines best. Your guy can hold two weapons. Your normal type (handgun, machine gun, shotgun) and a special one (rocket launcher, gnome launcher, mines, etc). Then you can buy various clothes that give you a wide range of stats and upgrades. Also the names and descriptions of the items always provide a good laugh. Your character also levels up during gameplay by killing robots with a max level of 50.


Now onto the gameplay. It really is fun without many flaws but the environments are all pretty much the same and after a while you notice you play them all in a pattern. There are also 3 different difficulties which are Normal, Hard, and Insane but each unlock after earning enough stars which are acquired by getting a specific score and each mission. Playing single player is fun though and you can enjoy it but it does get repetitive and old quite quickly. There is however online 4 player coop which will give you many hours of enjoyment with some friends. None of the enemies are that intelligent and I noticed that really the only thing that changes in the hard difficulties is usually the amount of damage you take.


The graphics are bright and cel-shaded to look like a comic almost. They work fine with the other problem being sometimes you have a hard time telling which ledges you can jump on / shoot through. Other than that they do their job fine. The sound however is just bullets, explosions, etc with the occasion sound telling you that you have picked up a new item.


Now gamerscore wise you can easily have this done is around 10 hours. The hardest one is going to be get to level 50 and that will just require a grind but other than that by doing a little online coop, you should have no problem completing this.


Overall the game is fun but if you plan on just playing it by yourself you might want to watch for a deal or the price to drop since you will get tired of it rather quickly. For all that is wrong with it the coop easily evens it out and the game will give you some good fun.


Score :



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