Casa De Mi Padre (2012) Movie Review

Casa De Mi Padre (2012) Movie Review
Casa De Mi Padre (2012) Movie Review

Casa De Mi Padre (2012) Movie Review

Released : March 16th, 2012

Reviewed : April 5th, 2012

Genre : Comedy

Story (from IMDB) :


Scheming on a way to save their father’s ranch, the Alvarez brothers find themselves in a war with Mexico’s most feared drug lord.



Review :


Well I was really hoping and thinking that this would be funny. Dear god was I wrong. I mean really really wrong. The whole movie is set to be almost a grindhouse film which also parodies Spanish films at the same time. What you get some boring scenes, jokes that aren’t really funny, and so many low grade moments you start wondering if they even thought it’d be good. Most of the laughs will come from seeing how low grade they made it look from the obvious scenes that are green screened, to the plastic environment, to the fact that the tiger which plays a important role later on in the film is a stuffed animal. Now those are the only things funny in the film. Many of the jokes just don’t click but the scenes involving the FBI with the lead role by the godly “Nick Offerman” are great. Mainly since anything he does is funny. Also being the only ones in the theater for the viewing and never really laughing was sad as it was dead quite during the movie of which was suppose to be a comedy. Being a Will Ferrell fan ; I have to give him props for trying it but this would of been better as a 10 minute sketch and not some poorly drawn out film. Overall, I’d say avoid this.


Score :



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