The Black Dahlia Murder — Chicago , IL — March 27th , 2012

Well this is the greatest set and show I’ve ever seen from a band. Also without a doubt one of the happiest nights of my life. Also booyah , JD and I got to see the last Black Dahlia Murder show at the Bottomlounge! (More on that later)

I ended up getting to the venue around 4:40 or so. Got there earlier than expected but there was already around 50 people in line. So got in line and during my time outside met some random metal heads and discussed everything from all the summer festivals, new death metal bands, Italian death metal, the best female vocalists in metal, and how great this show would be. Also got to watch as various members of Skeletonwitch and Nile walked around outside.

So at 5:30 the doors finally opened and everyone was starting to be let inside. The second I got in I went to look at merch and was pretty disappointed. Only band that had patches was Black Dahlia and there’s was $5.00. So I bought that then continued looking. Skeletonwitch had some cool shirts for $20 I think and they had all their albums on the newly released limited edition vinyl for $20.00 a piece. Nile had their latest album and latest EP for $10 a piece and one vinyl for $20. Hour of Penance had their new cd for $12 and shirts for $15. Or both for $25. Their shirts weren’t that great.

So after my merch adventure I got a text from Garagemetal (Dan) saying that him kalfitegrdan (Zach) were there. So I went back and met them and we hung around till Hour Of Penance started.

So at 6:00 we see Hour Of Penance come on stage and everyone moves to the stage. Note that the venue is barely packed yet. Now they were good and all but fall victim to the opening slot syndrome where no one was really in the venue yet. There really wasn’t any pits for them, a few people slamming for 15 second intervals. Their lead singer/guitarist though is bone skinny and needs some food though it appears. Also in between songs he would banter random things and songs titles but his accent was so heavy you could barely understand him. They were good though and I know they’ll be around again soon. Also the entire time they were playing I have JD texting me worrying he was going to miss them and how he really wanted to see them. Now me being a good friend I sent him a picture and he did make it for them, just right as they were walking offstage. He missed them by maybe 2 minutes max.

So after talking to JD and Zack for a bit it was time for the witch! Skeletonwitch that is. Surprising their lead singer wasn’t completely wasted. I stayed dead center about 10 feet from the stage and they put on a great show. The lead singer has great energy and stage presence and was constantly high fiving, clapping, raising his beer with others, and even giving people the mic to scream into. The pits were decent and I got into them some but mainly stood and watch. Of course for me though “Beyond The Permafrost” was my greatest part of their set.

So after them it was back to talking to JD and Zack, and Dan and since Nile was next up we got on the topic of them and JD told me about the band, its members, how their sound is, what to expect. I had only recently listened to them so his words about them helped. Garagemetal also pointed out how their one member kinda looked like Devin Townsend. Onto the band though they started late because they couldn’t get the guitars working or something along that line. Plus their drum set took up about half the stage. That kit is monstrous. Now Nile might be the heaviest sounding band I’ve ever saw live. Also they made me into one big fan. For their music being so technical and such they all make it look so easy. Their screams and growls sounded brutal and they were all having the time of their life. I really look forward to hopefully seeing them again soon. Also when they were over they had to have the crowd move from the stage since the drum kit was so big they had to take it down by lifting it off the stage. On a side note too, the second Nile started I just see JD run into the crowd and practically spear some guy to get the pit started. He’s crazy.

When they were over though it was time for Zach and Dan to leave (man they missed a show) and JD and myself prepared for what we thought would be a crazy show but was something I never expected.

Quick note : Bottomlounge has a very strick NO STAGEDIVING / NO CROWDSURFING rule. It’s horrible but they throw you out if you do it. Only recently did they enforce that rule also.

So the lights dime and “A Shrine To Madness” starts playing and the crowd goes insane. Right away the pit goes insane. Just everyone pushing forward, moshing, slamming, and everything. I stayed about 10 feet from the stage dead center singing every word. After that I continued moshing and eventually found a place about 10 feet from the stage on the right side. Thats when it happened. Now remember how Bottomlounge has that terrible rule. Well security was horrible last night. They were constantly grabbing everyone by the throat and dragging them along to the point of hurting people. Not only doing this to people who were really doing nothing wrong but to girls as well as kids underage. Trevor and Ryan started noticing this so when they’d see someone crowdsurfing towards the stage and security would run up on stage to attack Ryan would jump in front of them and Trevor would help them up and let them jump. After a few times security started getting mad and the guy pushed Ryan and mouthed off it looked. No later did that happen that I see Ryan drop the guy by the shirt, punch him in the face, and actually throw him off the stage. Now that made the crowd insane. Also made the band insane as Trevor had the biggest smile on his face. After the song you could see management for the venue talking to the bands management and Ryan and Trevor got called over quickly. Trevor comes back and says “Well it looks like after this we’ll never be allowed back. But who cares. Theres other venues that will love us and we’ll always find a place to play for you”. They then bust into their next song but oh wait Ryan isn’t even playing. He’s on the side of the stage going face to face with security. Now can we guess who won? Security ended up backing down and walking away. Which then led to the next few songs where I got to watch Trevor and Ryan flick security off and watch Ryan constantly mouthing FU to them. After that security refused to be on stage by him and the band took this as their chance to really just make everyone go over the top. Crowdsurfers and stagediving was nearly nonstop. Also during a song Trevor grabbed my hand and like held onto it.

Now during one of the songs Trevor gets offstage on my side and I look and he’s heading right into my path. Now I’m about to scream like a school girl with him just being that close to be. Now he walks to be, pats my back, gives me a hug, and keeps his arm around me, next thing I know he puts the mic in my face and let’s me scream a verse with him! OMG! I was almost in tears of joy. After that he gave me another hug and pat on the back on went straight into the pit. After a while he got back on stage. Also he stagedives a ton.

Also there a guy in on of those electronic wheelchairs doing the circle pit and eventually he was crowd surfing in it which had like tons of BDM’s crew rush the stage to help and made the band crack up. Also show was suppose to be over at 9:30 but ran late and got over about 10:00. Ryan was like “Due to your legislator since alot of you are minors we were suppose to end a while ago, I know the rule is stupid, but we still have a few songs left so don’t worry.” After they got done everyone stayed on stage and I got high fives and grabbed hands with each member multiple times.

Overall BDM put on the most energetic show I’ve ever saw and with everything that happened this is the most fun I’ve ever had at a show. I got to shake hands with my favorite band of all time, I got to sing a verse with my idol, I got to mosh with him, and it was a great time. Only weird thing is they didn’t play Statutory Ape!!!!

After the show I went back to merch and bought a BDM shirt with $15. It’s like a baseball t-shirt thats says BDM on the front and has a cartoon picture of the statutory ape on the front and on the back it says “Blast Fiends” and the number 12. Overall a cool shirt. And I looked by the Skeletonwitch and the guitarists and drummer were hanging out there so I walked up to the drummer and asked for a picture. Handed some random my phone to take a picture and he’s like “Oh I took a few” so I go to look and idiot didn’t take any. Thankfully my good friend JD was with me and was able to take another picture and once I told the drummer what happened he was super cool and more than happy to take a few more pictures. Like I said before BDM gave the most enjoyable energetic fun show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve gained so many memories from this show.

I only have the Nile and BDM setlist since JD and I just remembered parts and put them together. Dan has the Hour Of Penenace set and Skeletonwitch set.

Nile :

Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Hittite Dung Incantation
Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld
Lashed to the Slave Stick
Black Seeds of Vengeance


A Shrine to Madness
Moonlight Equilibrium
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
A Vulgar Picture
Malenchantments of the Necrosphere
Conspiring With the Damned
Den of the Picquerist
Carbonized in Cruciform
Everything Went Black
On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood
I Will Return
Blood in the Ink
Deathmask Divine
Funeral Thirst

One thought on “The Black Dahlia Murder — Chicago , IL — March 27th , 2012”

  1. Awesome review of the show. Very much in the artistic styling of the Anchovie. While I did see the review of the merch table, what about Bottom Lounges food. Any juicy hotdogs or pizza being sold for the rabid crowd? Thanks for the review.

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