Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Xbox 360 Review

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Xbox 360 Review
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Xbox 360 Review

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Xbox 360 Review

Released : March 20th, 2012

Reviewed : March 26th, 2012

Genre : Third Person Shooter


Review :


Well this is bad. I mean this game looked so good, but the end product was so bad. Now this game from the start was getting horrible reviews but I didn’t want to believe it but now I easily see why. For one thing the story is weak. In short without spoilers you play as the USS Delta squad tracking the G-Virus. That ends up taking you through some memorable RE environments. Pretty weak story for a RE game but it is a spin off so I understand.


Now the big factor ; gameplay. In short, I’d almost call it unplayable. For one thing it controls horrible. You have a bad run and dive feature which makes your character almost spaz out and appear like they’ve tripped. It does nothing and it anything only slows your character down. Enemy’s will eat your bullets like a hungry dog. I mean with a rifle the human enemy’s will taking around a clip being shot into their head. Even zombies take like 1/3rd of a clip. It’s horrible and while you’re trying to kill one guy you are being attacked by others. I mean it’s almost like you are using a pellet gun while everyone else gets bullets. Your melee is useless and will take large numbers of use age to kill someone. Same goes with your pistol. Big thing though is how horrible your AI is. I mean useless to the point of it actually makes it unplayable. They don’t ever really do much other than get the way and die. Big plus is though that they will heal you over doing anything else. They won’t pick you up though; they will expect you to pick them up. So just toss single player aside. In the game you also have a cover system which will auto lock onto cover. Now it locks onto everything it seems  ; doesn’t matter if it there is nothing there. The cover is useless and just a hassle.


Multiplayer is the only positive feature and even that has it’s weakness. The modes are cool but laggy and already has hackers in it. Coop is enjoyable for a bit but you still recognize how horrible the game really is.


Graphics are PS2 late era graphics. They didn’t really seem to try too much. They aren’t really crisp and just lack anything new or orginal. Graphically it’s a huge step back.


Overall I won’t advise anyone to try this at all. It’s just horrible and not even worth a cheap buy. With horrible single player and multiplayer that’s only good for a small amount of time ; it just isn’t worth the pain.


Score : 2/10

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