The Darkness 2 Xbox 360 Game Review

The Darkness 2 Xbox 360 Game Review
The Darkness 2 Xbox 360 Game Review

The Darkness 2 Xbox 360 Game Review

Released : Feb. 7th, 2012

Reviewed : March 14th, 2012

Genre : First Person Shooter


Review :


The Darkness 2 was a huge surprise hit for me after not really caring for what was The Darkness. This game almost feels completely different than the original while at the same time continuing the story.


Now Darkness 2 picks up two years after the ending of the first game and you continue to play as Jackie but soon notice that he now runs the Mafia and for the most part no longer has the Darkness. No sooner do you notice that when you soon find out a hit on has put out on you and thus the darkness returns. Soon enough you find there is also a cult coming after you that wants to harness the darkness for their own needs. The story actually plays out very well constantly shifting between scenes using flashbacks almost including the normal world, a psych ward, and what is a messed up version of hell all thanks to the darkness playing with Jackie’s mind. This then leads to Jackie constantly questioning his mind and really it had me questioning what was actually going on.


The characters you encounter are all great with a personality of their own including crime bosses who are bad to the bone to mob members who are a mess. By far the greatest character is your Darkling though because he’s your only one unlike the first game which had you spawning tons of Darklings. This guy has a great personality and is funny just from his banter (some of which is in a British accent for some reason) to his actions which include peeing on dead corpses. Throughout the game he turns out to become a very good sidekick and it’s funny and almost weird to watch the friendship develop between Jackie and the Darkling.


The gameplay for the most part plays like the first one with the addition of “quad dueling” which lets you control each arm of the darkness while also firing two guns at once. It works out very well and it easy to control and within 30 minutes of playing you’ll have it down and you’ll be doing some insane things. With having all that power you can do some insane things from throwing cars doors to split enemy’s in half, to grabbing guys and performing executions, to throwing them across the room. It’s a nice change of pace and give’s you freedom on killing. You also play as the darkling for a small portion which is a nice change but what you can do with him is extremely limited.


New to this game also is a leveling up system in the form of a “Talent Tree”. By leveling up you can earn addition powers like the “Black Hole” which makes it’s return to the game to new powers like “Swarm” which sends tons of flies towards your enemy thereby blinding him for a moment. The AI though is dumb as a box of rocks and easy to kill. Now that’s not a minus by any means as it gives you freedom to kill in as many ways as possible. There are also 29 Relic collectibles in the game to collect and each one has it’s own story to it and gives you XP.


Visually the game is great. Instead of being dark and gritty like the first one, this game took the comic route and gave the graphics almost a cel-shaded feel. The voice acting is also top notch and the radio in the game features many big name artists including “Jane’s Addiction”.


Now the game does add multiplayer to it by adding Vendetta mode which is a 4 player coop story which runs along side the single player. This game mode gives you 4 new characters to play as which are all different in what they do and all have their own talent tree to level up. This game mode can be completed in less than 3 hours and while it is fun, doesn’t really have tons of replay value. Based on the fact that you can complete the story in around 6 hours anyways.


Achievement wise it is a pretty simple list consisting of stuff involving playing thru the single player and multiplayer, leveling your guy up in both modes, kill “x” with “x”, collectable, and 2nd playthrough.


Overall it is a really good game to rent over a weekend or buy a cheaper price. It will warrant a lot of fun in both single player and multiplayer but just isn’t long enough or have enough replay value to make it worth a full price.


Score : 8/10

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