Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Xbox 360 Game Review

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Xbox 360 Game Review
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Xbox 360 Game Review

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Xbox 360 Game Review

Released : Feb.7th, 2012

Reviewed : March 13th, 2012

Genre : RPG


Review :


With many big names RPG’s either coming out or having already came out it would be easy to forget KOA in the mix of things. This is one game that shouldn’t be missed though.


Now for a RPG this story is paper thin. You play a un-named hero (for it being 2012 you’d think they’d give him a name) and you go on trying to figure out who killed you. Now other than that they main quest story is horrible. Many of the side quests and factions gameplay are also pretty bland and simple but gameplay makes up for it.


Now this game is a third person almost hack and slash RPG. It works amazing. The controls and simple enough and work perfectly when needed. You can build up power to perform a “Fateshift” which makes the game go into slow motion also giving the chance to rack up some insane XP. At the end of the “Fateshift” you perform a finishing move and a button mashing sequence similar to games like God Of War. Leveling up is simple enough giving you the chance to put your points into general skills such as lockpicking, stealth, blacksmithing, etc. It also then gives you points to add into a class which is Might, Sorcery, and Fitnesse. Adding your points into the last three will depend on what magic skills you’re character gets and what type of guy he turns out to be. Also by added “x” amount of points into either one or multiple of those gives your guy a fate card which adds a extra bonus onto you’re character.Throughout the world you will also meet “Fateweavers” who for a cost will take away all your skill points and let you re-assign them therefore giving you a chance to try something new.


You will end up facing many different enemys throughout the game but environment wise about halfway through I started to notice that they were starting to look similar sometimes in dungeons and such. You will come across enough places though that are wildly different since the world is very big including all the towns and dungeons.


Onto loot which plays a huge part of the game. Let me tell you there is a lot of loot. I’d say a good 75% of it is USELESS. Somewhere around halfway through my playthrough (all main quests, all factions, at least half of the side quests) I had weapons that were insanely high powered. The only thing I would change was my armor.


Graphics for this game are good though. It almost reminds you of WoW because of how they arrange the colors throughout the world and how instead of aiming for real they went for cartoonish. The sound however is average. The voice actors are good but the soundtrack really is just average. Glitch wise there was a few times enemy’s would be unreachable or I would get stuck in the ground or environment. Also a few times the game would freeze during loading (Also TONS of load screens). Thankfully you can save whenever so that’s a huge place.


Achievement wise you are looking at around 500-600 easy. Those are just for completing the story/factions, exploring, leveling up, and doing just normal things. The rest are for creating things, beating the game on hard, and doing “x” thing “x” amount of times.


Overall the game is a lot of fun and in the 45 hours or so that I spent playing I did get a lot done though by the time I was finished I had grown tired of doing stuff in the game since there was no room to progress other than doing the same types of side quests for no reason. Other than that it was a great playthrough.


Score : 9/10

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