Skyline Movie Review

Skyline Movie Review
Skyline Movie Review

Skyline Movie Review

Released : Nov. 12th, 2010

Reviewed : Feb.23rd, 2012

Genre : Sci-Fi

Story (from Netflix) :


After a wild night of partying with friends, Terry (Donald Faison) awakens to discover that he’s one of the few remaining people on Earth. Banding together with a small group of survivors (Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, David Zayas, Brittany Daniel and Crystal Reed), Terry sets out to solve the mystery of what happened to the human race. Greg and Colin Strause (whose work includes the visual effects for Avatar and 300) direct.



Review :


Well this was a easy way to kill some time while doing stuff. This is your typical sci-fi / alien invasion type film. Now first off I really feel like this movie tried too hard for me to try to like the characters. Now if they cut out the first 30 minutes or so it’d be better. The characters are all pretty generic and I could care less about them. Big plus to the movie though is the special effects. The aliens look pretty cool as do the ships and such. They almost look like something from “War Of The Worlds” though but you’d expect good effects having something that did effects on “Avatar” working on the movie. Also Donald Faison goes out wicked in this movie. I’m trying not to spoil anything. The worst thing about this movie though is the end. Not only does it explain ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but it throws a weird twist into it. I mean like they really give 0% explanation to anything that has happened. I feel like this movie was only half made and the story just went as the film was being filmed. Now with a sequel in the works hopefully they work it out because this one was terrible story wise.  Overall this is a decent way to blow some time if you are in the mood for mindless alien attacks.


Score :



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