Mallrats Movie Review

Mallrats Movie Review
Mallrats Movie Review

Mallrats Movie Review

Released : Oct.20th, 1995

Reviewed : Feb.20th, 2012

Genre : Comedy

Story (from Netflix) :

Young, suburban everymen Brodie and T.S. lose their girlfriends on the same day, so they take to the mall in search of solace in writer-director Kevin Smith’s comical look at love and loss between the escalators.

Review :

This movie stands the test of time. It’s just downright stupidly funny. It takes the premise of a heart-break story then within the confines of a mall has so many crazy things happen that it’s great. Also the fact that Jay And Silent Bob make a huge role in it is even better. For this being one of Kevin Smith’s earlier films the entire movie has a great pace to it and with the great cast that goes along with it (including big names stars in their early days. This film is alot lighter though then his other films like Clerks but it works for this movie. It paces along great with a great amount of funny sarcastic dialog and great chemistry between everyone. Overall this is a great film and a must see.


Score :




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