Season Of The Witch Movie Review

Season Of The Witch Movie Review
Season Of The Witch Movie Review

Season Of The Witch Movie Review

Released : March 19th, 2011

Review : February 1st, 2012

Genre : Action

Story (from Netflix) :


In 14th-century Europe, a courageous knight leads a group of weary warriors across impossibly treacherous terrain in order to transport a suspected witch believed to be responsible for spreading the devastating Black Plague.




Review :


This movie took me 3 days to watch. Now that isn’t because its really boring, it just couldn’t get my attention. It’s average really. Nic Cage shows off again why 90% of his films now are just average. The story is something that you’ll forgot about after watching. Well honestly the movie is forgettable. Also whats with the demon at the end! Ok, this review is weird now. Well the pacing of the movie is slow actually now. Ron Perlman saves the movie. He’s just great in it. So really in a nutshell this movie is average. It does nothing new and doesn’t technically do anything bad. If your bored on a rainy day watch this I guess. Really this reviews short because the averageness of the movie has worn off onto me.


Score :




One thought on “Season Of The Witch Movie Review”

  1. I want to see Nick Cage star in the Diego Corleone story. A little black makeup under the eyes and he is ready. WHO’S THE MAN!

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