Mercyful Fate EP – Mercyful Fate CD Review


Mercyful Fate EP - Mercyful Fate CD Review
Mercyful Fate EP - Mercyful Fate CD Review

Released : September 25th , 1982

Genre : Heavy Metal / Speed Metal


Track List :




  1. “A Corpse Without Soul”
  2. “Nuns Have No Fun”
  3. “Doomed by the Living Dead”
  4. “Devil Eyes”


Review :


The beginning of Mercyful Fate. The EP that started it. Also this album is  Right from the start with the opening track “A Corpse Without Soul” it kicks off with a insane solo. Right after the solo kicks off some insane vocals. King Diamonds vocals on this track are extreme with him hitting some insane high vocals while also doing some singing which adds alot to the sound. The pace of the song starts to slow down and have a slower rhythm to it but soon after another great solo happens with some great riffs following it. Also towards the end of the song there is one last mind blowing solo. This song really kicks off the EP well. “Nuns Have No Fun” keeps a good steady sound going the entire song while still adding in another great solo. The lyrics for this song though really stand out as being quite extreme and you can tell this entire EP has a satanic feel to it. With King Diamond being the lead singer though , it wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t satanic. “Doomed By The Living Dead” is another awsome song but I feel like the vocals on this song stick out the most. King Diamond covers all his vocal styles on this track and it really stands out in a great way. “Devil Eyes” has nice constant pace to it with the solos here and there and King’s high in this song are really out there. They sound great and with the pace of the song fit in really well. Overall this is a must listen to for any Mercyful Fate fan or someone looking for a great quick metal cd.


Score :



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