The Hymn Of A Broken Man – Times Of Grace CD Review

The Hymn Of A Broken Man - Times Of Grace CD Review
The Hymn Of A Broken Man - Times Of Grace CD Review

The Hymn Of A Broken Man – Times Of Grace CD Review

Released : 2011

Genre : Metalcore


01. Strength In Numbers
02. Fight For Life
03. Willing
04. Where The Spirit Leads Me
05. Until The End Of Days
06. Live In Love
07. In The Arms Of Mercy
08. Hymn Of A Broken Man
09. The Forgotten One
10. Hope Remains
11. The End Of Eternity
12. Worlds Apart
13. Fall From Grace



Review :

Times Of Graces’ first CD is a full bag of metal-core greatness. Full of members from Killswitch Engage including original lead singer Jesse Leach and guitarist Adam D. this album could easily be another Killswitch CD yet it finds a way to make it their own. The opener song “Strength In Numbers” starts the album off well with a march anthem at the beginning leading right into a heavy yet meaningful song which is catchy to say the least. “Fight For Life” is a slower paced song yet still packs a heavy punch. This song also shows off Jesses’ ability to sing and scream extremely well, at the same time though it also gives Adam D a chance to do some backing vocals which adds a great touch to the song. “Willing” shows off Jesses’ amazing clean vocals as well as Adam D’s. Adam D. also shows off his great heavy vocals in this song and he also has some nice guitar parts in the song which are very Killswitch sounding. The slower part of “Willing” is great and shows that Jesse sings full of emotion and the songs are full of his feelings and thoughts. “Where The Spirit Leads Me” gives another chance to showcase the amazing vocal talent that both Jesse and Adam have while also at the same time musically creating a good rhythm to go along with it. “Until The End Of Days” starts off slowly with Adam showcasing his clean vocals then having Jesse come in with his screams. It’s a relaxing song while still keeping a heavy feel with it with Jesses’ vocals. “Live In Love” is one of my favorite tracks and opens with some nice cleans and a nice guitar work then breaks into what should be the definition of a metalcore song. The guitar, drums , and vocals are all insane on this song as is Adam just shredding during it. Jesse really does have some of the best screams out of any vocalist in metalcore by far and it shows that on this album. Also his cleans have vastly improving since his album with Killswitch. “In The Arms Of Mercy” is pretty much a filler and doesn’t provide much to the album. The self titled song “Hymn Of A Broken Man” though is by far the best standout track though as it starts out showing Adam and Jesse vocally then Jesse breaks into screams. Its a catchy song and Adam does a great job on guitar. Also the chorus is one of the best chorus’ I’ve heard in a long time. The song will remain on repeat for anyone for a long time. “The Forgotten One” is a slower song done acoustically and while it may seem out of place it does a great job of showing off their vocal skills. “Worlds Apart” does sound a lot like it could be a Killswitch song though. Overall though this was my 2nd favorite album of 2011 and really shows off the skills that everyone in the band has Jesse proves he is one of the best metalcore vocalist and has tons of emotion while he does it. I was able to see them live also in 2011 and they are perfect live. I hope to hear more stuff from them soon and recommend this to any rock or metal fan.


Score :


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