Outlawed – Attila CD Review


Outlawed - Attila CD Review
Outlawed - Attila CD Review

Outlawed – Attila CD Review
Released : Aug. 16th ,2011


Genre : Metalcore

Track List :

01 – “Outlawed
02 – “Light Me Up
03 – “Nothing Left To Say
04 – “Another Round
05 – “Nasty Mouth
06 – “Smokeout
07 – “Holler At Ya Boy
08 – “Sex, Drugs & Violence
09 – “White Lightning
10 – “Payback

Review :


The album starts off decent with the song “Outlawed” which isn’t bad but then again sounds like it could be from any other metalcore type band breakdown included. “Light It Up” comes up next but dear god the vocal style in this song is bad. Between the prolonged screams and the rap like fast screams it’s just annoying. The low vocals in the song are good and parts of the song sound like something from “As Blood Runs Black” or “Whitechapel” but then the high vocals start again and brings the song down. “Nothing Left To Say” does the same thing. Although it’s pretty clear now that in a month trying to remember something distinctive from this band other than annoying vocals will be lost among the million other metalcore bands. “Nothing Left To Say” does have a halfway decent solo but then ruins it with a pig squeal like sound that again is prolonged. Here’s my big point on why I hate this album no matter what. Whoever thought of the lyrics needs to be taken behind a shed and killed. The sexual lyrics have no place in this album and are annoying since most of the time they are either before or after a generic breakdown.  This band almost reminds me of Chelsea Grin but lacking a majority of the talent and good songs. “Nasty Mouth” has some lyrics about coffee and cream & sugar. Then they sing about ladies and dancing. Sounds like lyrics from a “Hollywood Undead” song. They would make sense singing it though but in the song it doesn’t make sense. These guys are idiots and that proves it. This is metal for the 14 year old that thinks heavy metal is Attila. Also the interlude during the song makes me want to punch myself for ever listening to it. It truly is a slap in the face to good music. “Smokeout” is horrid in simple terms. Lyrically all hope is lost on this album by this point. “Holler At Ya Boy” is nothing special at all. Sounds like a million other songs but right before the breakdown they scream the song title just in case you forgot. Saying that people that like this have a low IQ means that saying the title might actually help. The last three songs are horrible just like the rest of the album. In short avoid this CD like the plague. It gets a one because the first song isn’t horrid.


Score :


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