He Had It Coming – ACxDC CD Review

He Had It Coming - ACxDC CD Review
He Had It Coming - ACxDC CD Review

He Had It Coming – ACxDC CD Review

Released : 2005

Genre : Grindcore

Track Listing :

01. Jack Trippin’
02. Dumb And Dumbshit
03. Death Spare Not The Tiger
04. Turtle Power
05. Wookies Have Feelings Too
06. We Kill Christians
07. Sexual Fantasies With Biblical Figures
08. Anti-Christ Demon Core


Review :


This is some intense stuff. Anti Christ Demon Core (ACxDC) goes hard on this EP which lasts around 15 minutes of in your face grindcore. Blast beats insane high vocals with some nice lows added in makes it feel like death metal at times. “Jack Trippin'” kicks it right off with blast beats and some insane vocals. I do really like how at the end of the song they slow it down and do some low vocals which make it feel like death metal. Each song only lasts a minute or so except for the last one so its over quickly. You could say after a while it all blends together but the pacing between fast and slow for each song works. Like for “Wookies Have Feelings Too” its fast then breaks down into almost a melodic sense then fast. The pacing works in their favorite. Plus the riff to the Star Wars theme rocks. Personally my favorite track though is “We Kill Christians”. Its brutal , its insane, and I couldn’t even understand what they were saying the first few times I listened to it. Overall its really good and goes through fast in times when you need something over the top.


Score :



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