Doritos Dash Of Destruction Xbox Live Arcade Game Review

Doritos Dash Of Destruction Xbox Live Arcade Game Review
Doritos Dash Of Destruction Xbox Live Arcade Game Review

Doritos Dash Of Destruction Xbox Live Arcade Game Review

Released : December 17, 2008


Review :

Doritos helped sponsor and make a arcade game. Well what could go wrong right? At best at least it’s free. Story wise you are either delivering Dorito’s chips (yea they suddenly starting delivering chips, apparently the economy is at such a downward slope that people can’t even leave their house to buy chips.) or you are a giant T-Rex trying to get the guys delivering chips (if the dinosaur wants some chips why didnt he just ask instead of eating everyone right! Am I right!.) Also why a T-Rex. Could we have chosen a more random thing to go after Doritos than some giant dino. After the “story” (if thats what we call a story) the annoying music makes it worse.It’s just bad sound effects and after a few minutes of hearing it you’ll either mute the TV or turn on some music just to tune it out.

Gameplay wise within a half an hour of playing this you should have all 200 GS. Thats really the only reason anyone played it (and because it is free). You start out and you have 2 modes to play in. The people delivering the chips or the dino trying to eat them. Each mode has 6 locations that arent really different or fun/exciting in any way. You get upgrades for completeing them which aren’t that important and don’t make a big difference in gameplay. Also dont worry about dying since they give you enough lives where you would have to be blind to not be able to beat this game. The truck is just boring to play as and the T-Rex is okay at first but after a minute it’s also terrible. It is funny when they throw in a AI controlled T-Rex and you have to face it. I didn’t know T-Rexs loved Doritos so much that they’d fight each other for them.

Multiplayer wise the game is almost non-existent. Sure they added local multiplayer but I doubt anyone would want to have a friend play the game with you. That’d would prolly make you have one less friend. There is a online achievement but the only way to get that is with a additional controller.The big thing about this game was how easy it is to get all 200 GS from it. Like I said within 30 minutes you will have all of them and there is no reason to ever load the game up again then.

Score :


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