Fright Night (2011) Movie Review

Fright Night (2011) Movie Review
Fright Night (2011) Movie Review

Fright Night (2011) Movie Review

Released : 2011


Story (from Netflix) :


This update of the 1985 horror comedy focuses more on terror than laughs when teen Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) suspects that his new neighbor, the sinister Jerry Dandrige (Colin Farrell), is a vampire, and turns to a self-styled vampire expert, Peter Vincent (David Tennant), for help. Las Vegas magician Vincent proves useless, and it’s up to Charley to save his mom, Jane (Toni Collette), and girlfriend, Amy, from the seductive bloodsucker.



Review :


Wow a remake that is good. This really surprised me. The trailer made me think it’d stink but god was I wrong. The movie kinda gives off that “Disturbia” vibe for a while but once it gets going its quite good. The cast is actually good and I must say that Collin Farrell is a really good vampire. Its just because of the type of vampire he is that he nails the part. Also David Tennent (THE DOCTOR) plays his role well as the Criss Angel type guy that has a vampire past. The movie does a good job too with adding violence while keeping is suspenseful. Also I love how there isn’t a single sex scene and no nudity. Its nice for once that they didn’t have to add stuff like that to a horror movie. Overall this is defiantly worth the view.


Score :



2 thoughts on “Fright Night (2011) Movie Review”

  1. Anything with David Tennant will be good. Saw the original back in 1985 at the theatre and this is a pretty good remake.

  2. Worst remake/reimagining I’ve seen yet. Terrible story, terrible acting, all around horse shit. Even if I didn’t hold the original in such high regard, this still would be garbage.

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