Wrong Turn 4 Movie Review

Wrong Turn 4 Movie Review
Wrong Turn 4 Movie Review

Wrong Turn 4 Movie Review

Released : 2011


Story (from Netflix) :


Friends on a winter break snowmobiling excursion make a wrong turn during a snowstorm and get lost in a nightmare. Seeking shelter in a presumably abandoned sanatorium, they awaken the horrific residents, including former patients and cannibals.


Review :

Why was this made. Maybe for cash , maybe for the small amount of fans left, pure boredom. The world may never know (or really even care to know). This is bad. Let me restate that, this is BAD. Bad acting, bad story, and bad pace. At the least creatures (or as I call them “The Hills Have Eyes Rejects”). Its actually almost unwatchable as about 10 minutes in I gave up on the movie and had to question myself on why I was sitting there watching it. The only good thing about it are that people die. The deaths really aren’t even good, its just people die and since none of the characters are the least bit likeable its entertaining. The final death is actually pretty good yet its funny. You can tell they were kinda like “Well we need to release this now! There isn’t any logical ending so lets randomly kill the last two in some stupid way”. Avoid this movie like the plague.


Score :



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