Super Movie Review

Super Movie Review
Super Movie Review

Super Movie Review

Released : Aug. 9th, 2011

Story (from Netflix) :

When his wife (Liv Tyler) falls in league with a drug dealer, average guy Frank D’Arbo (Rainn Wilson) dons the guise of a superhero, dubs himself the Crimson Bolt and tries to keep a tagalong comic-book store clerk (Ellen Page) from becoming his sidekick. But it’s hard to be a superhero when all you’ve got to work with is a pipe wrench. Kevin Bacon co-stars in this action-driven dramedy from writer-director James Gunn.


Review :

Going into this I heard it was really good but quite disturbing really. Trust me that is true. The movie is kinda takes the premise of be a superhero (like Kick-Ass) but takes it on a much darker route. This guy loses him wife to a drug dealer in which she is used as a drug tester. In return he decides to rid evil using a monkey wrench. The violence is brutal to say the least saying that he trys to rid all that he thinks is evil. For example in one part of the movie he is waiting in line at the movies and someone cuts him and he then leaves and returns to bash his face in with the wrench. He also bases the girls face in. The cast is perfect though as Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page both play their roles perfectly and make you believe that they are either insane or just messes up. Overall this is a really good movie with a dark feel to it. Nothing goes the way you think it will and for that its a must see.


Score : 9/10

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