Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen TV Review

Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen TV Review
Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen TV Review

Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen TV Review

Released : September 2011


Review :

After the big Charlie Sheen scene (trying saying ten times fast) I’m not surprised this happened. His big moment started to die so he did this. And boy was it funny. I’ll kinda do a run down of each roaster :

Mike Tyson : I actually liked him on this. He seemed to be having fun and took all the jokes well. His “stand up” was being pretty funny yet short as you could tell he was really just there to be Mike Tyson and not try a stand up career.

Jeff Ross : This is what he does. He roasts people. Like always he is insanely funny and does every joke to a perfection.

Anthony Jeselnik : Who is this guy? I don’t know and neither did anyone else. He was funny though. I still don’t know who he is even after doing research about him. I think he’s only on there because he was dating another one of the roasters.

Steve – O : I liked him. He came out and made some good jokes although again you can tell he just went up and did his thing. His big thing though was running into Mike Tyson’s fist multiple times. It was funny and the last time he did it broke his nose. Again also very funny.\

William Shatner : Also being roasted he is now a roaster. I liked him. I think he has some great jokes and overall is just a funny guy.

Kate Walsh : Don’t know why she was on here. She’s just a actress who’s been on various doctor and law shows. She was funny but random as to how she got picked to do it.

Jon Lovitz : I liked him. I thought his jokes were also good and he’s just funny overall.

Patrice O’ Neal : He was funny. From starring on VH1 shows like Best Week Ever and I Love The (insert random year) shows I’ve grown to find him funny. Not much to say as he didn’t do much.

Amy Schumer : Just another upcoming comedian. Apparently did a co-host radio job with Patrice O” Neal and is dating Anthony Jeselnik. She was actually really funny though. She has tons of jokes but of course hit the rough patch when she made a joke involving Steve – O and recently deceased Ryan Dunn. That hit the rough spot for Steve – O as they showed him after she said that and he didn’t look happy.


Overall though it was a great roast and quite funny too.


Score : 9/10

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