Cellfactor Psychokinetic Wars Xbox Live Arcade Game Review

Cellfactor Psychokinetic Wars Xbox Live Arcade Game Review
Cellfactor Psychokinetic Wars Xbox Live Arcade Game Review

Cellfactor Psychokinetic Wars Xbox Live Arcade Game Review

Release Date : June 1st, 2009

Review :

Story: There isnt one. Its nonexisting. Seriously there is no story mode. Wouldn’t really expect one though in this type of game.

Sound: Pretty decent. Some background music, guns sound fine, and everything. Decent stuff. Sounds like a Unreal Tournament, after a while though you will get bored and end up playing background music though as the sounds can get boring quite fast.

Graphics: These are PS2 graphics at the best. You can tell they weren’t trying to make a good looking game and they were just making a arcade game. The graphics do nothing for the game.

Gameplay: Heres the good thing. It kind of plays like Unreal. Quick deathmatch games and everything. Theres 3 different classes with different powers. They each have they own little single player mode to do. Different guns but nothing that hasnt been seen. Quick, fun, stuff. Very fun online and offline. Something you can just start up and have some fun with.

Controls: They work well. They are like the Unreal controls and something that will take maybe 5 minutes at the most to learn. Can be stiff at times but once you get used to them they aren’t too bad.

Multiplayer: Its surprisingly fun. CTF, deathmatch, team deathmatch, and a carry the node type gamemode are what you will expect.Plays like a Unreal Tournament but with powers. Overall its fun and since online is the only real option it works. Games for the most part are lag free and can be quite fun. Although now there is not a single person playing this game so unless you set up a session you won’t be playing online.

Achievements: Pretty straightforward. Complete all the challenges for each character, dont die in a deathmatch game, only use your powers. Then there are the online ones. 100 kills only took about a hour and a half at the f max and 5 kills without dying wasnt that hard. Now unlocking all rewards and scoring over 1,000,000 points will quite some time but can be just by grinding.


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