Beavers IMAX Movie Review

Beavers IMAX Movie Review
Beavers IMAX Movie Review

Beavers IMAX Movie Review

Released : 1998

Story (from Netflix) :

The natural woodland engineers of the great northwest are studied in fascinating detail in Beavers, originally made for IMAX theaters. Acclaimed IMAX cinematographer Andy Kitzanuks captures the beavers hard at work designing complex dams, communities and apartment dwellings in their element, the Canadian Rockies. Eldon Ratheburn provides the music. Beavers was voted Best Large Format Film at the Hawaii International Film Festival.


Review : Boredom sometimes makes you watch weird thing. Well boredom I would like the 31 minutes I spend watching this back. This is awful. Awful nots even a word for how bad this is and to think this was in IMAX and people payed like the $14.00 dollor ticket for this. Well its boring. Now don’t get me wrong I may not be a animal fan but some animal shows and movies are good. This is not. BORING! Also the movie is FAKE! The beavers were tamed, the dams were man made and kept under control, and some of it was done in a studio. Thats pathetic. This movie is a waste. I wish Netflix would let me rate in 0 stars instead of having to give it one star. It doesn’t deserve one star even.


Score : 0/10

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