Death Racers Movie Review

Death Racers Movie Review
Death Racers Movie Review


Death Racers Movie Review

Release Date : September 23rd, 2008

Story (from Netflix) :

Four hyped-up teams of contestants compete to win a violent race in this action-packed sci-fi flick. Living in a grim future world in which life is cheap, the racers will do anything to win. Even killing competitors off while pushing their vehicles to go the distance is not against the rules — and is probably the only way to prevail. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse star, along with former WWE star Raven.


Review :

Oh Asylum why do you always make knock offs. This knock off is by far the best one they’ve made. That can’t really be a compliment though. The story is great though with “Death Racers” trying to gain their freedom by going after a guy who’s trying to poison the water supply. First off why couldn’t the FBI go kill him! During the movie they have a “special task force” watching the racers just incase they need help. So the story doesn;t make one bit of sense. The movie looks old and dirty and looks like it was filmed off like a Flip Video. Now I think they were going for that but who knows. The script is funny with some clever variations for swear words and the such. Other than that they all sound retarded. Now speaking of retarded the acting is horrid. Lets leave it at that. This movie is a funny low grade movie worth a watch only if bored. It only gets such a high score because its funny how bad it is.


Score : 4/10

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