• Action
  • 9 Minutes


Marvel Zombies Vs Army Of Darkness is a short fan film made off the idea of the comic run which has a zombified Marvel universe going against Ash from the Evil Dead series.

The story is one huge plot hole ridden mess. We open with Spider Man and Gwen Stacy walking to their car in a parking garage while bringing a bag before being stopped by a zombie Wolverine who then kills Spidey. Thankfully Ash shows up to save Gwen and attempt to take down zombie Wolverine before using Iron Mans hand cannon that’s in the bag to attempt to kill him. It ends with zombie Spidey and zombie Iron Man (which makes no sense in itself) showing up.

It is one giant mess that makes zero sense or ties together at all. It seems to just be a quick solution to bring these characters together. Thankfully the lines delivered (mainly by Ash) are comedic enough to be enjoyable.

Overall for it’s length its enjoyable enough to watch and not think about. Start thinking about it though and it’ll become a lot worse and less enjoyable though.


Score :



  • Horror
  • April 3rd, 2013
  • 14 Minutes


The Root Of The Problem is a great small horror short film that does enough to make you enjoy it and end up wanting more.

We follow a women in a dentists office in the 1950’s. Weary of her visit she soon starts seeing odd things while in the office and suspecting that her ever so friendly dentist might have more sinister objectives then one would assume. Is there actually something evil happening though or she just having a bad trippy reaction from the anesthesia.

The film follows a nice pace with some suspense to keep you intrigued while at the end leaving you to question what actually happened. For being a small short film as well the little special effects and makeup they have looks great. Thankfully as well the three actors in the film do a good enough job as well to not drag it down.

Overall The Root Of The Problem is a great short horror film and running at 14 minutes well worth your time.

You can watch the film for free from their website :


The Root Of The Problem

Score :




  • Xbox 360
  • Sept. 9th, 2014
  • Bungie / Activision


Destiny was a big title for Bungie games who had became infamous for the Halo franchise to try and push out as a new IP especially one that is a online online MMO. Does it fair well for consoles or come up as a flop for a big name company?

Bungie who are known for making steady fun game made sure to bring this to Destiny. As a smooth running FPS with RPG elements you can consistently upgrade and level up your character with a wide range of weapons, armor pieces and skills many of which in themselves can be upgraded. By collecting materials which are found around the areas you explore and collect you can upgrade your weapons which come in tiers ranging from common to legendary and exotic.

For being a online only game that is made to look like an MMO you will find yourself running into other people in the worlds but not as much as one would expect. Every now and then in the worlds as well a random objective will come along which tasks if you accept it for random players to come along. I never once felt like this was a MMO though with other people in the world, I felt it was a single player game in which other people were playing by themselves as well in the world. If you truly want the MMO experience that I feel Bungie had hoped for you better have a solid team made of friends, otherwise expect to see people dropping in and out.

What I found as such a problem is between the main missions and the open world ones which are just small missions that you can do that often take only a few minutes was that the game got repetitive fast and became boring. Main missions were just run from point A to B to collect / kill something and the small missions were the same thing. Each world looks different but the open worlds are spread out but look the same throughout. After several hours and running through it all I felt as if I had seen and done all there was and that anything forward was of the same nature.

They do however have a match matching Player vs Player system named “The Crucible”. It is the normal online game modes done in an online setting using your character and gear from before. What I don’t understand however is the balancing system they have in place as my games were played when I was a very low rank facing guys who were triple my rank with better armor and gear yet I was killing them with no issue.

Overall Destiny is a great looking and playing game. It may how been overshot just some and doesn’t really feel like an MMO but it does enough right to be fun. For getting repetitive there is still enough there to enjoy it before it all wears off and for that I recommend it.


Score :




  • Xbox 360
  • March 3rd, 2015
  • Frontier Developments / Microsoft Studios


Screamride is a small retail game consisting of 3 mini games. There is no story other then working for an amusement park and using these rides to entertain and thrill the customers. The game is set around 6 locations with each mini game having 4 levels to complete in each locations.

The first mode is named Screamrider, in which you are tasked with using these unlucky attendees to test your coaster and seeing how thrilling it is. You take control of the coaster helping coast it along the rail and boosting at ample times to help maximize the thrill. You can make the coaster ride along the rails on only two wheels and such but also then risk the chance of derailing and watching it plummet to the ground.

Next mode is named Demolition Expert, the objective is to launch a ball which has riders inside it into buildings trying to cause the most damage possible. You can control the speed and direction of the throw but its a simple premise.

The final mode is called Engineer in which you are tasked with finishing a ride that has only been half way completed. This is the hardest mini game of them all however based on having limited resources to use and having a hard time finding out how to finish the track and where to go with it instead of the contained area.

They have challenges for each stage too that tend to ramp the difficulty up if you attempt them. Graphically the game does look nice though for the style they were going for.

Overall however Screamride just really isn’t too fun. None of the mini games are fun for more then one or two rounds and this is something that should of never hit a retail release.


Score :



  • PC
  • Oct. 30th, 2014
  • Krealit Games


Guns ‘ N ‘ Zombies has a simple straight to the point title just as the game itself does. Sadly it seems though even something simple has too many errors in this game to be enjoyable.

As a top down shooter this game has to try and set itself apart from the thousands others like it but for the most part it tries to remain as generic as possible. Each mission has different objectives such as killing enemies, collecting something and protecting something. The levels do change each time to something different but its nothing you haven’t seen before in a similar game.

One would hope however that the game play would fix this. I did notice some lag when shooting to start problems off. On top of that the game itself is just boring. After the first two levels the difficulty takes a huge spike upwards. You quickly get over run and your turrets go down quickly while you do little damage it seems. If you are protecting something they quickly swarm it ruining your mission.

Your character can level up and gain access to new guns and such that can be leveled up. For the most part however I noticed that a fully leveled up gun doesn’t change as much as it should.

Overall there isn’t many positives here that I can say to recommend this game. It’s generic and has enough negatives to not be worth your time.


Score :


  • PC
  • Oct. 17th, 2014
  • Mutant Games / KISS LTD


Fist Of Jesus will be filed under that list of badly ported iOS games that got released on Steam.

You play as Jesus or Judas in a side scroller beat em up where you kill zombies. Romans, cowboys and other random enemies. The game originally made for hand helds) plays in short stages where you usually have a objective to complete. Those usually range from kill enemies, survive, don’t get hit, or achieving a certain score amount. It’s just too bad the game play is incredible boring and broken. Your character can take a hit from close, far, from enemies not even facing him, and worst of all from enemies not even standing on the same level as him (this game has the bad 3D fighter mechanic of walking close and far from the screen). You can also perform a divine punishment which a finisher on stunned enemies but this seems to happen almost at random and there doesn’t seem to be a sure fire way to stun a enemy. Also after you see it happen the first time it turns into something you wish that you could skip.

As per usual for these games, you are expected to do a lot of grinding to level your character up. I never did notice a difference in it though as even after fully upgrading your damage the AI still seemed to take the same amount of hits. If anything it just makes it easier for them to kill you. Graphically it looks like something you’d see in an iOS game, it has bright cartoon looking graphics. It is horrible to control however, feeling stiff and sometimes unresponsive.

Overall even on sale I can’t recommend this. It really doesn’t have anything going for it and you’ll hate it more then you’ll ever enjoy it.


Score :



  • PC
  • April 1st, 2014
  • TreeFortress Games


Bardbarian is a fun little game that dips into fingers into many genres of gaming for a nice mixture. Featuring elements of RPG. bullet hell, and tower defense we get a near perfect mixture.

The gameplay is to protect your gem from waves of enemies. Your character doesn’t do the attacking however, he has a magic guitar he plays and has the ability to summon an army of characters to fight his battles for him and follow his every footstep. He also has the ability to cast spells like protect him, make him army stronger or speed him up as well. With a wide cast of unlockable characters it does add replay value trying to create the best lineup you can to progress forward in the game.

It’s a simple game to play and will only take a few minutes to learn all there is you need to know. The graphics are catoonish and fit perfectly and the music does a fine job as well with what is going on. Control wise it’s smooth and I never had any issues during game play with it.

You can breeze through the game in a few hours but thankfully the replay value does make you want to come back for some quick sessions here or there.

For having one map and a very simple premise Bardbarian turned out to be a fun small game to kill time on. I recommend it to most fans of any genre the game lends itself to.


Score :



  • WWE Network
  • May 14th, 2015
  • 26 Minutes


After the disappointment that was the first episode of Too Hot For TV, I decided to give it another try and check out another episode titled “Too Gross For TV”.

This one features almost nothing but vomit, fake, and poop jokes and storyline that WWE has had the misfortune of using throughout the years. From vomit gags including Stepahnie, Vicki Guerro, Titus O’Neal, public urination from Vince, and the always horrible kiss my feet match featuring Jerry Lawler vs Bret Hart this episode almost seems like a showcase of horrible things WWE has done before.

The worst by far is the last part which features Tommy Dreamer doing a handful of gross things before being forced to drink (and enjoy) Undertakers tobacco spit back. It’s sad to think that someone thought any of this was good.


At least the first episode of this show had a few good moments, this one was a struggle to watch. Avoid this.


Score :



  • WWE Network
  • 32 Minutes


Bringing Jerry Springer back into the WWE world to host a show for WWE Network focusing on the more crazy theatrics that happened seems like it would be a horrible idea, and that it is.

Too Hot For TV is another clip show really where WWE can show us more of the Attitude Era and some of the insane almost horrible story lines we loved at one point so much. This first episode has the tag line “Love Hurts” and features such stuff as Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry’s wide range of lovers, the entire HHH / Steph beginning love story, Marc Maron and Sable, Val Venis, and more in their messed up love storys that were featured every so predominately at their time in WWE history.

What gets me is that none of this is “Too Hot For TV”. Don’t get in expecting some hard cracking commentary from Springer who adds nothing to the show or even anything new. What you instead get is just a rehash of clips that were all featured originally on TV.

If your an old school fan such as myself you’ve seen this all over and over before so you get a small kick from it but it’s nothing new. Newer fans might enjoy at least seeing some of the stupid over the top story lines that were being produced in the past. It’s really nothing to rush to watch though.


Score :




  • Horror
  • June 17th, 2014
  • 95 Minutes


Contains Spoilers!


Joy Ride 3 follows that trend of horror films that don’t need a sequel yet continue to get one sent straight to DVD.

We follow a group of street racers who stop in a small town trying to get the quickest route to where they need to go. Of course they run into the town crazy who yells about not taking a certain road because the people never return before the kids are reassured by the town sheriff that it’s fine. Since the cliches already started the film just keeps it going. As expected the kids take the deserted stretch of highway before running into the maniac trucker and embarking on a race for their life.

The story remains about as bland as one would expect with them knocking every cliche out and doing nothing new. We are stuck with a cast of characters who either blend together or stick out just enough for us not to like them. Even going as far as to say you can’t even root for the villain in this case just because what little we do get from him is almost nothing to base enjoying him from. We see “Rusty Nail” (the villainous truckers name) too much for him to be considered some dreaded shadow like killer.

Thankfully the film does have some good kills every now and then with some decent gore to follow. Still could of used more or if given a better budget would of had more memorable ones but the kills help save the movie sometimes. Sadly the last 15-20 minutes of the movie nearly ruined it for me. To watch a hand to hand fight scene start to happen followed by the cliche over the top kill that somehow Rusty has managed to escape from with no traces found just killed it. It was mainly the fight scene which was just so far out of left field and stupid.

Overall there are better films to watch like this and far worse you could do. Hopefully when the inevitable Joy Ride 4 gets made they work out some of the kinks this film had.


Score :