• Horror
  • June 17th, 2014
  • 95 Minutes


Contains Spoilers!


Joy Ride 3 follows that trend of horror films that don’t need a sequel yet continue to get one sent straight to DVD.

We follow a group of street racers who stop in a small town trying to get the quickest route to where they need to go. Of course they run into the town crazy who yells about not taking a certain road because the people never return before the kids are reassured by the town sheriff that it’s fine. Since the cliches already started the film just keeps it going. As expected the kids take the deserted stretch of highway before running into the maniac trucker and embarking on a race for their life.

The story remains about as bland as one would expect with them knocking every cliche out and doing nothing new. We are stuck with a cast of characters who either blend together or stick out just enough for us not to like them. Even going as far as to say you can’t even root for the villain in this case just because what little we do get from him is almost nothing to base enjoying him from. We see “Rusty Nail” (the villainous truckers name) too much for him to be considered some dreaded shadow like killer.

Thankfully the film does have some good kills every now and then with some decent gore to follow. Still could of used more or if given a better budget would of had more memorable ones but the kills help save the movie sometimes. Sadly the last 15-20 minutes of the movie nearly ruined it for me. To watch a hand to hand fight scene start to happen followed by the cliche over the top kill that somehow Rusty has managed to escape from with no traces found just killed it. It was mainly the fight scene which was just so far out of left field and stupid.

Overall there are better films to watch like this and far worse you could do. Hopefully when the inevitable Joy Ride 4 gets made they work out some of the kinks this film had.


Score :



  • Horror
  • October 10th, 2014
  • 91 Minutes


After hearing the premise for The Houses October Built I was extremely intrigued. We follow a group of friends who are going to try to find the scariest haunted houses around while also asking around to see about haunted houses that will potentially danger someone to scare them. Soon though on their trip they start to realize that what they are looking into might be something a lot more serious and darker then they expected.

Story wise it’s a great premise. The times they show the haunted houses and scenes that feature that part of the story are great. Hopefully one day they can make another film that does that aspect the way it deserves. It’s just unfortunate that the scenes that are between those are horrible. We get plagued with a cast of very unlikeable characters who have some very simplistic conversations. Weak characters makes it where towards the end when they attempt to tie everything together (though the ending itself is somewhat disappointing) you find yourself not caring what happens to the people we followed throughout the film.

The found footage angle they take for this as well doesn’t do it any honor. If done as a normal film instead I think it would be benefited greatly. For the scenes not involving a haunted house you get stuck with annoying camera angles and gimmicks that bring the film down.

Overall The Houses October Built is a split film. It’s a great premise and has its moments where it’s a good film but with poor gimmicks, bad character and sometime plot development, and what feels like a cheap ending it just ends up being a shell of what it should be.


Score :



With all the podcasts out there today to listen to we here at Apocalyptic Demise thought about making a list of what we enjoy most and recommend for anyone wanting something new to listen to.


SModcast Production Podcasts – Almost anything branded with SModcast (ran by the almightly Kevin Smith) is a good choice. They range all over the board on what the topics are about or the type of podcast. Recommended ones include : Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, Plus One, I Sell Comics, & The Secret Stash.


Roosterteeth Productions – As with SModcast, anything involving the Roosterteeth team is golden. Honestly as one of my favorite / if not my favorite podcast ever the Roosterteeth team cover everything including have a gameshow podcast and they always end up funny and interesting. Recommended ones include : Roosterteeth Podcast, On The Spot, The Know, Screen Play (though new episodes are no longer being made), Dude Soup, and The Patch.


Gaming Podcasts – The Co-optional Podcast And Cynical Brit Audio Blogs, IGN Game Scoop!, Giant Bombcast, Super Best Friendcast! (even though this one technically covers everything).


Wrestling Podcasts – The Art Of Wrestling With Colt Cabana, Piper’s Pit With Roddy Piper, The Ross Report, Human Podcast Machine With Taz, MLW Radio (Major League Wrestling Podcast Hosted By Konnan), OSW Review : Old School Wrestling Review, The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed, Wrestling Compadres Slamcast


Comedy / Interview Podcasts – Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank, Beauty And Da Beast With Joey Diaz And Felicia Michaels, Gilber Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, The Jasta Show, Jim Florentine’s Comedy Metal Midgets, The Joe Rogan Experience, Metalsucks Podcast, Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, The Nerdist, Penn’s Sunday School, The Smartest Man In The World Podcast (With Greg Proops), WTF With Marc Maron Podcast, Henry & Heidi (With Henry Rollins And Heidi May), Ice T Final Level


Music Podcasts : Pod Of Thunder, Podcast Mosh With Lich King


Movie Podcasts : The Greatest Movie EVER Podcast, How Did This Get Made?, Last Podcast On The Left, RottenTomatos, Screen Rant Underground, The Movie Crypt With Adam And Joe

Fresh off their latest album “The Darkest Road”, A BREACH OF SILENCE have premiered their uplifting new music video for the band’s latest single Vultures. The video tells the story of a homeless man who returns a lost wallet to a young, well-dressed businessman – and saves his life in the process. The song is taken from their highly-praised sophomore album The Darkest Road which was released on October 7, and named “One of the Top 25 albums of 2014” by Hysteria Magazine, debuted at #1 on the iTunes Metal Chart (Australia), and at #20 on Australia’s Purely Independent Chart. The video may be watched at the Eclipse Records YouTube channel.
Watch ‘Vultures’ now…
“Vultures is a song about the struggles in life, and fighting through them”, states lead vocalist Rhys Flannery. “Whenever you feel like you are alone, regardless of how great the pressure, there’s always someone out there that’s willing to help. As hard as it may be, you’ve just got to search for them… there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”  Guitarist Mat Cosgrove continues, “We talked about one of us having a real bad day, and someone worse off had helped us out of this situation and it really put things into perspective… So we came up with the story line of a homeless person who could easily take the wallet out of necessity to survive, instead goes out of his way to find the owner, and then saves his life.”

The band enlisted Col Cadell to direct, who had also done their previous music video for the title track, The Darkest Road. “Something I wanted to do with Vultures, was take the band in a much darker direction artistically, using color palette’s that evoke a cold intimacy while still painting a realistic world. Our shoot location was Fortitude Valley located in Brisbane, Australia. We used low shot angles, with the sky as a background to evoke a feeling of openness, and used high angle shots at the end when the homeless man rescues the businessman” states Col.

“The Darkest Road is one of the Top 25 albums of 2014!” – Hysteria Magazine
Debut at #1 on the iTunes Metal Chart in Australia
Debut at #20 on Australia’s Purely Independent Chart
10/10 – “The Darkest Road is without a doubt the best album of 2014!” – Bro Metal
10/10 – “Infectious, and captivating are just a few words that can describe The Darkest Road” – Front Row Report
“A Breach Of Silence have proven themselves worthy of being tabbed one of the next big things in metal.” – Starpulse
86/100 – “The Darkest Road is a triumph” – Loud Mag
“A Breach of Silence has produced a masterpiece that far transcends metalcore music” – Snoozecontrol

The Darkest Road is available for download from iTunes, and GooglePlay, while CDs are available via Eclipse Records, BestBuy, Fye, and Amazon.  The full album is also streaming via YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio.

For more information on A BREACH OF SILENCE, please visit these websites:
Facebook – Twitter – Eclipse Records



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  • Horror
  • April 17th, 2015
  • 83 Minutes


Modern horror films get a horrible reputation now a days. Unfriended is the reason why.

In a time where the shakey camera work that Blair Witch made popular many years ago Unfriended tries to start a new trend with all being done from the computer screen of a mac book done through online chat rooms and internet pages. Now the concept is horrible to sit and watch by itself but then the story attempts to slowly and barely peek it self into the picture. We follow the story of one Laura Barnes who after getting drunk and passing out at a party has a video of the ordeal posted online which then causes her to commit suicide on school grounds. On the one year anniversary of her death some of her fellow school mates who are all online with each other soon discover that there is a unknown and unwanted party in the chat with them claiming to be the deceased Laura Barnes.

Now this alone is just horrible. The haunted taking place in the form of another member in their facetime chat. The worst part is that there is no explanation on how or why she is there. Soon though we discover that all friends are horrible people who have lied to each other and have some horrible dark secrets once the ghost of Laura Barnes makes them play what amounts to a deadly amount of never have I ever.

Now a horror film isn’t suppose to make you laugh unintentionally when a character dies let alone be in tears, yet this film had me doing that. The few death scenes we witness are just so random and out of no where over the top that you can’t do much but laugh. It also doesn’t help that the characters are all the most unlikeable people you could imagine. They all end up being a huge group of lying, cheating, downright shitty people. You can imagine how the acting is as well so that doesn’t even need to be brought up.

Overall Unfriended should hopefully show that this concept does not work and it should end there. I don’t even think this will be a huge hit for the younger crowd because it doesn’t even end up being scary or have enough jump scares to satisfy someone looking for just that. Avoid this like a computer running Windows 98.


Score :


  • PC
  • July 25th, 2014
  • Nerdook Productions / Digerati Distribution


Vertical Drop Heroes HD is a semi rouge like top to bottom platformer with some randomized level generators thrown in.

You start off each life picking a new character before being placed at the top of the level with the simply task of making down to the bottom alive and either using keys you’ve collected to open the door or killing the boss to progress to the next level. On the way down you can kill enemies to level your character up, collect coins for upgrades, and buy random upgrades and teleporters to skip earlier levels. Now you don’t have to kill anyone, in fact game rewards you for decided not to do so. As long you go through the level without killing the game is in Pacifist mode where you can collect extra XP to level you character up.

The kicker however is that when you die that character and his level progression is over with and reset. At the start of the next game you begin you pick a new character who starts at level 1. Though that makes it the basic rougelike game your powers and abilities you buy do carry over between all characters if they are able to use them.


The graphics look great with a bright crisp almost cartoon like look to them. Thankfully the game controls just as well with the only times I found myself complaining of getting hurt was because of being my fault or just some odd level choices.

Through my several hours in the game the more I leveled up and got further the more fun the game got. You become stronger each time and gain new powers to make the game easier. For $7 on Steam I have to recommend this, it’s a good game to play in bursts that will keep you entertained throughout it.


Score :


  • PC
  • March 20th, 2015
  • Bigmoon Studios / Headup Games


In a world full of hack and slash games and zombie games Trapped Dead Lockdown comes running in with the intentions of standing out but instead falls short of everything one would want.

The story is just straight up B Horror film wannabe but while having a few laughs doesn’t hold interest and I expect most that play this won’t be doing so for the story. The graphics as well don’t really stand out and often times were muddy and not close to modern standards. Characters often enough talk for way to long forcing you to have to skip over each box of dialog while the games soundtrack continues to drone on throughout the game never being memorable for even a second.

What should save the game though is its game play but we already know that it doesn’t. Trapped Dead Lockdown tries to play like your typical hack and slash RPG similar to the Torchlight and Diablos of the world. Instead we get something that tries to do that and instead turns into delayed reactions and being swarmed by guys. When you attempt to attack there is a delay on that and it later in the game turns into a luck based battle on if your attacks will hit. Throw in multiple enemies and you better hope your guy hits them all or that you have health packs.

Level designs are another nightmare. Thankfully the mini-map provided is absolutely no help what so ever. Buildings turn into just room after room and everything one tends to look the same, prisons are just long hallways that make little sense. Going outside is just dark textures for long stretches. You’ll often see texture glitches and spaces black out into nothing. I saw NPC’s as well stand still and glitch out making quests they had unobtainable.

Even something as simple as the loot and leveling up system I found lackluster. The majority of the loot I found was always close to the same or similar items I had and were always junk. Once I leveled up I never really saw a vast improvement or felt like my character was being the unstoppable killing machines the way that better games of this genre do.

Overall I found very little entertainment coming from this game. It could have been a lot better but instead felt like it was underdone in every category and in a genre where there are several games that leagues above this I just can’t recommend this one above others.


Score :



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  • Horror
  • Oct. 17th, 2014
  • 86 Minutes


The Town That Dreaded Sundown is part remake, part continuation, part re imagining all mixed in one. Does it stand out though or fall into the realm of a million other forgettable slashers.

The story follows a small town who 65 years ago had a masked killer terrorized their town then vanish, now all of a sudden a killer using the same style as before has reappeared. Now the town must quickly attempt to figure out what is going on while people are dropping left and right. Now it’s up to the one random high school teenager to solve it all.

This film had alot of good things going for it. The story itself at first isn’t too bad, the reference and make the original film part of the story line and the locations are great. Sadly none of the characters are worthwhile in any sense. Our main character is painful to watch and so many characters only have a few minutes screen time before getting killed, which then the film attempts to want us to feel bad for those characters being killed.

Speaking of killed, one would hope that at least the death scenes would be good. Sadly none are memorable or new. I couldn’t tell you any of them off memory already. The biggest killer to this film however is the final twist which really does bring the film down several notches as a whole. It’s a cheap twist that in the end is just stupid.

Overall the makings of a good story along with a great locale save this movie. If only the characters, kills, and final twist were better. Otherwise this film falls into the mediocre slasher category. Worth a rental, nothing more.


Score :





After twelve seasons and a highly publicized cast change Two And A Half Men have come to an end with a one hour series finale. While bringing the series to an end and attempting to close the series for good does it do it justice to all the good years or fail like most shows do when finishing.

During this finale they try to cover all tracks, bringing back a lot of big characters, and showcasing a lot of moments that happened during the series. The death of Charlie, his string of crazy ex’s, Aston Kutchers arrival and more.

My problem however comes from feeling almost like this is just a recap episode somewhat combined with a cheap idea to end the story. They throw together the idea that Charlie never died and it turned out his crazy ex had kidnapped him and was keeping his captive until he escaped. Only reason anyone found out though is because Charlie had royalty money from his job and sent it out to various friends, exs, and his estranged daughter who is a female form of her father.

Instead of bring back Charlie Scheen though like one would hope we never get to see him in the finale, though in the final moments before the credits hit we see a male from the back who is meant to look like Charlie Scheen coming back up to the house to reunite with everyone until an old piano of his falls from a helicopter delivering it to the house and kills him. Its just a cheap send off.

What the episode does get right is the humor for most of it. A large majority of it is cracks at the show, what has happened, and the drama that occurred outside of the show. After the disappointing final moment they even have the shows creator thrown in for a quick laugh. Also it was nice to have all but one of the major characters present for the send off.

While it wasn’t the best way to end the show and things could of been different, Two And A Half Men went off on a end full of mixed feelings. Now to just prepare for reruns of the show for the next 10 years.


  • Drama
  • Oct. 10th, 2014
  • 141 Minutes


The Judge by all accounts should be a top notch drama with a great leading cast yet sadly falls short in every department it should exceed in.

Story wise The Judge follows Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr) a big city lawyer who after returning to his small town home where his family resides soon finds out that his father, the towns judge, is suspected of a hit and run murder. Now representing his dad he has to deal with the trail that could ruin his fathers career and life while also dealing with the family issues that caused him to leave town in the first place.

The problem with the story is that its something that has been done in a similar nature before and feels like it should of been a made for TV film but given wide release because they slapped a big name cast on it. Clocking in at nearly 2 and a half hours as well the film drags on especially in the middle. It nearly kills the film and any momentum that occurs. I’d imagine they could cut close to an hour of the film and end with a much better result.

Not even two top tier cast members could save this film. Robert Downey Jr does an excellent role that he will be remembered by for being different then his normal films at the moment. Robert Duvall as expected does a great job too though his role to this is more keen to what one would normally expect from him.

Overall The Judge could of been great but with too many factors weighing it down it lost the chance to be memorable or even good for that matter. I can’t really recommend it to anyone, at best if your dying to see it make this one just a rental.


Score :