• PC
  • July 25th, 2014
  • Nerdook Productions / Digerati Distribution


Vertical Drop Heroes HD is a semi rouge like top to bottom platformer with some randomized level generators thrown in.

You start off each life picking a new character before being placed at the top of the level with the simply task of making down to the bottom alive and either using keys you’ve collected to open the door or killing the boss to progress to the next level. On the way down you can kill enemies to level your character up, collect coins for upgrades, and buy random upgrades and teleporters to skip earlier levels. Now you don’t have to kill anyone, in fact game rewards you for decided not to do so. As long you go through the level without killing the game is in Pacifist mode where you can collect extra XP to level you character up.

The kicker however is that when you die that character and his level progression is over with and reset. At the start of the next game you begin you pick a new character who starts at level 1. Though that makes it the basic rougelike game your powers and abilities you buy do carry over between all characters if they are able to use them.


The graphics look great with a bright crisp almost cartoon like look to them. Thankfully the game controls just as well with the only times I found myself complaining of getting hurt was because of being my fault or just some odd level choices.

Through my several hours in the game the more I leveled up and got further the more fun the game got. You become stronger each time and gain new powers to make the game easier. For $7 on Steam I have to recommend this, it’s a good game to play in bursts that will keep you entertained throughout it.


Score :


  • PC
  • March 20th, 2015
  • Bigmoon Studios / Headup Games


In a world full of hack and slash games and zombie games Trapped Dead Lockdown comes running in with the intentions of standing out but instead falls short of everything one would want.

The story is just straight up B Horror film wannabe but while having a few laughs doesn’t hold interest and I expect most that play this won’t be doing so for the story. The graphics as well don’t really stand out and often times were muddy and not close to modern standards. Characters often enough talk for way to long forcing you to have to skip over each box of dialog while the games soundtrack continues to drone on throughout the game never being memorable for even a second.

What should save the game though is its game play but we already know that it doesn’t. Trapped Dead Lockdown tries to play like your typical hack and slash RPG similar to the Torchlight and Diablos of the world. Instead we get something that tries to do that and instead turns into delayed reactions and being swarmed by guys. When you attempt to attack there is a delay on that and it later in the game turns into a luck based battle on if your attacks will hit. Throw in multiple enemies and you better hope your guy hits them all or that you have health packs.

Level designs are another nightmare. Thankfully the mini-map provided is absolutely no help what so ever. Buildings turn into just room after room and everything one tends to look the same, prisons are just long hallways that make little sense. Going outside is just dark textures for long stretches. You’ll often see texture glitches and spaces black out into nothing. I saw NPC’s as well stand still and glitch out making quests they had unobtainable.

Even something as simple as the loot and leveling up system I found lackluster. The majority of the loot I found was always close to the same or similar items I had and were always junk. Once I leveled up I never really saw a vast improvement or felt like my character was being the unstoppable killing machines the way that better games of this genre do.

Overall I found very little entertainment coming from this game. It could have been a lot better but instead felt like it was underdone in every category and in a genre where there are several games that leagues above this I just can’t recommend this one above others.


Score :



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  • Horror
  • Oct. 17th, 2014
  • 86 Minutes


The Town That Dreaded Sundown is part remake, part continuation, part re imagining all mixed in one. Does it stand out though or fall into the realm of a million other forgettable slashers.

The story follows a small town who 65 years ago had a masked killer terrorized their town then vanish, now all of a sudden a killer using the same style as before has reappeared. Now the town must quickly attempt to figure out what is going on while people are dropping left and right. Now it’s up to the one random high school teenager to solve it all.

This film had alot of good things going for it. The story itself at first isn’t too bad, the reference and make the original film part of the story line and the locations are great. Sadly none of the characters are worthwhile in any sense. Our main character is painful to watch and so many characters only have a few minutes screen time before getting killed, which then the film attempts to want us to feel bad for those characters being killed.

Speaking of killed, one would hope that at least the death scenes would be good. Sadly none are memorable or new. I couldn’t tell you any of them off memory already. The biggest killer to this film however is the final twist which really does bring the film down several notches as a whole. It’s a cheap twist that in the end is just stupid.

Overall the makings of a good story along with a great locale save this movie. If only the characters, kills, and final twist were better. Otherwise this film falls into the mediocre slasher category. Worth a rental, nothing more.


Score :





After twelve seasons and a highly publicized cast change Two And A Half Men have come to an end with a one hour series finale. While bringing the series to an end and attempting to close the series for good does it do it justice to all the good years or fail like most shows do when finishing.

During this finale they try to cover all tracks, bringing back a lot of big characters, and showcasing a lot of moments that happened during the series. The death of Charlie, his string of crazy ex’s, Aston Kutchers arrival and more.

My problem however comes from feeling almost like this is just a recap episode somewhat combined with a cheap idea to end the story. They throw together the idea that Charlie never died and it turned out his crazy ex had kidnapped him and was keeping his captive until he escaped. Only reason anyone found out though is because Charlie had royalty money from his job and sent it out to various friends, exs, and his estranged daughter who is a female form of her father.

Instead of bring back Charlie Scheen though like one would hope we never get to see him in the finale, though in the final moments before the credits hit we see a male from the back who is meant to look like Charlie Scheen coming back up to the house to reunite with everyone until an old piano of his falls from a helicopter delivering it to the house and kills him. Its just a cheap send off.

What the episode does get right is the humor for most of it. A large majority of it is cracks at the show, what has happened, and the drama that occurred outside of the show. After the disappointing final moment they even have the shows creator thrown in for a quick laugh. Also it was nice to have all but one of the major characters present for the send off.

While it wasn’t the best way to end the show and things could of been different, Two And A Half Men went off on a end full of mixed feelings. Now to just prepare for reruns of the show for the next 10 years.


  • Drama
  • Oct. 10th, 2014
  • 141 Minutes


The Judge by all accounts should be a top notch drama with a great leading cast yet sadly falls short in every department it should exceed in.

Story wise The Judge follows Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr) a big city lawyer who after returning to his small town home where his family resides soon finds out that his father, the towns judge, is suspected of a hit and run murder. Now representing his dad he has to deal with the trail that could ruin his fathers career and life while also dealing with the family issues that caused him to leave town in the first place.

The problem with the story is that its something that has been done in a similar nature before and feels like it should of been a made for TV film but given wide release because they slapped a big name cast on it. Clocking in at nearly 2 and a half hours as well the film drags on especially in the middle. It nearly kills the film and any momentum that occurs. I’d imagine they could cut close to an hour of the film and end with a much better result.

Not even two top tier cast members could save this film. Robert Downey Jr does an excellent role that he will be remembered by for being different then his normal films at the moment. Robert Duvall as expected does a great job too though his role to this is more keen to what one would normally expect from him.

Overall The Judge could of been great but with too many factors weighing it down it lost the chance to be memorable or even good for that matter. I can’t really recommend it to anyone, at best if your dying to see it make this one just a rental.


Score :




  • Action
  • January 9th, 2015
  • 109 Minutes


Taken is now a perfect example of a film that was great and had pointless sequels tacked on for money as shown in Taken 3 or as it should be titled “The Fugitive remake”.

Technically the title of this film isn’t even right like the first two films as no one is taken. In this we follow Bryan Mills the unstoppable killing machine who is still the most awkward father around who is now just trying to live a somewhat normal life. He is spending time with his daughter and trying to get back his ex-wife. Like clockwork though something goes wrong and next thing you know he walks into a room where his ex-wifes corpse is laying dead on the bed and the police have arrived with him being caught in the room as the main suspect. Now Bryan Mills is on the run to prove his innocence and find his ex’s killer.

I just explained the entire movie and yes it really is as generic as it sounded. Taken 3 suffers from having no original plot ideas or originality. Now normally in a film like this none of that would matter since the action scenes would otherwise hold you interest but not here.

Liam Neeson was always the huge factor for the Taken series because his hand to hand fight scenes were always a blast to watch. Taken 3 has decided to very little of that will do and instead give us a lot of chase scenes. We are always suppose to throw that area of belief that this old man can outrun cars, jump and leap over tall objects and and outrun much younger / in better shape men. Take into consideration then that the shoot outs and chases aren’t even memorable or done well enough to warrant that disbelief from the viewer.

Overall they should consider this a trilogy (a much unneeded one) and end the series here at its lowest point. From the generic plot to the bad action not even Liam Neeson and the odd Forrest Whittaker could save this film.


Score :


  • Action
  • Jan. 16th, 2015
  • Warner Brothers / Village Roadside Pictures


American Sniper is one of the most controversial films as of lately based off the subject of the matter. Does the film succeed in changing minds about the subject matter or only make it worse?

Now I should state first off that as a film and being looked at as a film it isn’t too bad. Go into it with little to no background knowledge or without looking into too many details of the real life story and I found it enjoyable while still disturbing. The film follows Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle who after joining the force soon moves up the ranks becoming the most lethal sniper they’ve had tries to balance going between war while still having a life at home while dealing with the trauma that war has inflicted upon him. It shows what he goes through while overseas in war to attempting to go back home and deal with attempting to live a normal life after being in war.

American Sniper sometimes though has a hard time determining if it wants to be an action movie or a heavy drama. The action scenes are tense (though the close up action scenes do feel a bit generic) but the sniper scenes are first class. You truly do see and feel the tension as you watch this man shoot and kill people without missing a breath. Going from an action scene to a drama doesn’t seem to always work though. The constant jump in genre does start to ware down though because it becomes tiresome to attempt to build a dramatic set or mood only for an action scene to then take place.

Bradley Cooper though will be a name you’ll see winning many awards for his role as Chris Kyle. He is able to portray a man who truly believes that serving his country is more than important than all and that taking the lives of others oversea is just another days work. Watching his expression as you see him kill and seeing the look in his eyes of just pure calmness is almost frightening to see. Sienna Miller looks unlike herself in the role of his wife who is struggling to rise a family without him while he constantly comes and goes, each time coming back more damaged than he left the previous time. Seeing her attempt to set his husband back into a normal life while slowly watching his mental decline is a tough thing to act and she deserves all the credit she will be getting for it.

In the end a film like this is a tough thing to grade because of the subject matter and peoples personal opinions on it. Director Clint Eastwood has done a great job of making a film of this no doubt. Love or hate what it’s about but there is no doubt that American Sniper is a well done and thoroughly entertaining film. Leave the opinions aside and you’ll enjoy this one for sure.


Score :



  • PC
  • Silent Dreams / HeadUp Games
  • Dec. 4th, 2014


Skilltree Sega labels itself as a “Rogue Like RPG” as so many titles do nowadays. In this games instance however it isn’t entirely truthful.

Skilltree Sega seems as if something that would work better as an iOS game rather than a PC game. You play as a warrior and go through different environments and fight randomly generated enemies to level up, learn new powers and progress further. Now as far as the game play for doing all that though goes, there really isn’t any. Battles are turn based and preplayed. You simply view the fight going on. Between fights you simply click the next button or change gear / skills. In no way, shape, or form do you do anything during battle.

The so called “Rogue Like” element is that if you don’t make it to the end of the stage (either 20, 50, or 100 fights without dying) you lose all gear that you looted during that session. Between fights you do have the option to retreat keeping all gear you have earned.

What the main problem is with this game however is the lack of actual game play. After a short amount of time you quickly find that you are just grinding through weaker enemies gaining little to no XP only to try and fight through the later stages. This game almost just serves as a learning guide for someone who is coming into the RPG genre and shows them how to run a skill tree which even then isn’t gone that great.

Overall while the game isn’t horrible after a short amount of time I found myself becoming bored with little desire to continue on grinding to see what happens in the end. If you can catch this on sale for a few dollars it’ll keep you busy for a few hours but other than that there are other games of a similar nature out there that does this better.


Score :



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  • Comedy
  • Dec. 24th, 2014
  • Columbia Pictures



With all the controversy including pulling The Interview from screens with no intentions to release it, Sony hacks, and loads of other media blitz does The Interview turn out to be worth the hassle it seemed to be or is it a wash that should of just been forgotten about?

The story follows Dave and Aaron who are host and producer of a popular talk show when trying to take their show to the next level try for a interview with famous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un actually happens. Soon before leaving though they are approached by the CIA and given the task of killing said leader when given the chance. During that time however Dave soon becomes close to the fearless leader and must figure his feelings out and either complete or abort the hidden mission.

Now typing that short summary of the film out makes me realize that upon first thought of the story it seems over the top and stupid as intended. Upon viewing however what seems like an crazy yet enjoyable story simply turns into a overdrawn, way too long, and ultimately unfunny joke that just won’t end. ¬†What simply kills the movie is that the majority of the jokes and therefore scenarios that are set up for the jokes fall flat. Rogan and Francos trademark raunchy humor is full force here but very seldomly did I find the jokes to be funny.

Cast wise Seth Rogan and James Franco act like their usual self so you know what to expect there. The real star is Randall Park as Kim Jong Un. His scenes once fully shown as a character are some of the funniest of the movie and they give him a wide range of scenarios to show off his character in.

Overall the fact that the majority of the film bored the daylights out of me and I rarely laughed even trying to summon up the words to describe the flop of this movie was a tough one. In the end I’d just recommend everyone skip this.

Score :


  • Horror
  • Oct. 21st, 2014
  • Lionsgate / WWE Studios



8 years after the release of See No Evil hit to not stellar reviews or critical acclaim WWE Studios decides to make a sequel for the straight to dvd market. Does it hit the mark to rekindle what could be a franchise or should they have just let Kane stay in the ring instead of on the big screen?

The story picks up right after the first one ended with the bodies (including villain Jacob Goodnight) of the victims being transferred to a morgue. It just so happens that one worker at the morgue (played by scream queen legend Danielle Harris) is having a surprise party there with friends that night. After the bodies arrive two friends seek off to see find the body of Jacob in a sick fantasy. Soon enough Jacob wakes up and starts taking out each guest one by one.

Story wise there isn’t much going on. They attempt to add a layer into Jacob Goodnights character sometimes using flashbacks from the first film in an attempt to give him more of a reason as to why he endlessly is killing whoever bumps into him but it adds nothing to it. The story moves along just enough to get the kills started before taking it all straight out the door inturn for violence. Not even the characters have anything going for them as they are all one dimensional and cliched.


What the first film had going for it though was the violence with some innovative kills. Sadly this one even forgot how to accomplish that. Minus one moment I couldn’t really give you specigfic details on how characters were offed. None are gory enough to remember or original enough to care about.

Casting wise only Danielle Harris and Katharine Isabelle stand out as positives. Danielle Harris of course even in a cliched role still manages to outshine everyone. Katharine Isabelle plays a crazed friend obsessed with seeing Goodnights body. While she plays the role well she isn’t around enough to make that lasting impression. Glenn Jacobs (WWE’s Kane) sadly shows off that even though he may look the part his imitation of Kane Hodder just doesn’t do the trick.

Overall for a sequel in which I’d assume many weren’t asking for turns out subpar. While not horrible enough to be unwatchable, in the end its just mediocre enough to not care or think twice about.


Score :