• Sept. 11th, 2015
  • Horror / Thriller
  • 94 Minutes


From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan who has thrown out an array of films ranging from great to downright horrible comes “The Visit” which will forever be towards the bottom of his list of films.

We follow two children, Becca and Tyler, who after convincing their mom finally decide to visit for their grandparents who they have never met before for a week. Soon after though they start to see that their grandparents may not be just as normal as they had hoped for and that the weird things that keep happening may be putting them at a risk they never expected.

Now The Visit is something that could be hard to make a spoiler free review about because as with most Shyamalan movies the entire film is a lead up to the twist and the last 15 or so minutes after that. Now the twist here is just one of many things wrong. I personally found the huge shocker presented in the film to be incredibly odd and not in a good way. It really is just thrown there while also commonly being guessed about half way through the film. To try and deter this though they throw an entire aliens sub plot in the film that ultimately goes no where and leads to nothing. As with most things in this film it just adds nothing.

For being a thriller / horror film as well I didn’t find either aspect there. The Visit sometimes seems to forget what it is going for. Part thriller, part comedy, part horror, part heartfelt film yet none of them truly work. I will say the heartfelt more emotional scenes they added to the story were vastly out of place and not needed at all. I felt like they had someone brought the film down even more.

Overall The Visit ends up being a boring film to view based off a bad story, a twist that makes you laugh at it, and just too many scenes meant to be heartfelt or suspenseful or scary that end up being boring and laughed at. M Night Shyamalan was hoping for a comeback but instead I he delivered another flop in my eyes.


Score :



  • August 23rd, 2015
  • Horror
  • 14 Minutes

El Gigante was a short film shown before “Cannibal Holocaust” as part of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival and this without a doubt, by far, is my favorite horror short film I’ve ever had the honor to see.

For being a short film El Gigante manages to give you enough of a story to build up for the events that happen. We see a man, seemingly attempting to cross the border when he meets another man who tosses him what appears to be water only for the liquid to then knock him unconscious. He then awakens inside a wrestling ring with a mask sown onto his face and neck only to realize that he is about to have to fight for his life against a giant luchadore while his family of cannibal psychos watch.

From here on we witness one of El Gigante’s strongest suits which is the make up and effects. For a budget of around $8,000 this short film has better looking make up and blood then most big budget films. The blood looks the right tone of blood and thick enough while the makeup and masks done are just phenomenal. Even the smaller things like seeing the mask sown onto the guys neck is just amazing.

The cinematography though in this film truly puts it into big budget films. From being able to catch the perfect action moment with the right lighting to knowing the best angle or location to shoot shows that directors Co-Director Luke Bramley and Director Gigi Saul Guerrero have a long future ahead of them.

El Gigante is a film that everyone should watch, go into it with little knowledge and I promise it’ll have to talking about it with everyone that listens. El Gigante is the perfect short film, one I hope to see expanded one day, and one that everyone should watch. No questions asked.

Score :


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  • August 28th, 2015
  • Action
  • 93 Minutes


Turbo Kid is a throwback to what it would be like if Mad Max and Power Rangers had a kid with the blood and gore of Evil Dead in the VHS era and it does great with it.

Plot isn’t something that Turbo Kid dwells too deep into. We follow “The Kid” who is a lone kid in a post apocalyptic wasteland on his own trying to survive. Upon making a new female friend named “Apple” and stumbling upon a outfit and weapon that practically turns him into his favorite comic book hero, The Kid ends up in a battle across the wasteland facing an evil overlord.

You’ll see most twists coming from the film and while the plot may not be deep or much new it does the job of keeping you involved in the story. What it does have though is its charm. From The Kid who becomes a likable character, to the deserted world where bikes are the transportation method to a group of villains straight out of a 80’s film. It may not scream original but it makes it all work for it.

What really works best for the film are three things; Apple, the soundtrack and the gore. Apply (played by Laurence Leboeuf) is one of the most poppy, cheery, funny, and most lovable characters in recent memory. She’s truly brightens up each scene she is in and is a real delight to watch. The soundtrack is the lovechild of pure 80’s synth music and fits the film and style it’s going for it great. To top it off though are the action scenes while being comical at times are just filled with blood and gore galore. The end fight scene and arena scene will have you cheering and smiling at the gore and homage to it’s predecessor films that inspired it.

My major gripe with the film however is the pacing. Often times between action scenes or enticing character scenes I thought the film began to drag on. I might have been expecting more action in the film and I believe it could have used such. Since the pace of the film had began to slow it would draw me out of the film more then it should of.

Overall though Turbo Kid is a great throwback to 80’s VHS style action films. With some great gore, an amazing soundtrack and some lovable characters this ends up being a entertaining viewing and one that I would recommend.


Score :




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  • September 3rd, 2015
  • Horror / Thriller
  • 78 Minutes


Another U.S. Premiere during Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival was “Contracted : Phase 2”, a gory thrilling virus film.

We follow Riley (Matt Mercer) who after becoming infected from a previous person (shown in a flashback to a scene from the first film) starts to show extreme symptoms he starts a mad race to not only find who is causing the infections but also stop him before it kills him and everyone else. Now having not seen the first Contracted film I can say that this one can be viewed and followed very easily because of the flashbacks and info they give during the film to clue everyone in. It’s a good easy story that moves along at a good pace setting itself up for the big moments.

Now once the film gets going though it does not give up. This is a film with several cringe worthy moments. A good virus film with some great effects that really show the mutations that the body is having because of the virus. From maggots and puss coming out of wounds to one scene which you make you cautious to ever touch your eye again Contracted makes sure to bring the horror aspect of this film into full swing. We also do get the thriller aspect with Riley’s race against time to find who is causing this leading to one action scene in a hospital which is over the top in the best way.

Contracted Phase 2 also has some good acting followed by some enjoyable characters. I found myself enjoying the screen time of a few of them. The acting holds up as well. Matt Mercer is able to carry the film enough with the support of his cast.

Overall Contracted Phase 2 is a lot of fun. Even without seeing the first you’ll be drawn into this film and talking about some of the gory scenes after it’s over. This is one virus film that stands out above the rest.


Score :




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  • January 15th, 2015
  • Thriller
  • 75 Minutes


Body seemed to be the oddball film of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival as it wasn’t horror but instead more of a gripping thriller drama.

We follow three college friends home for the holidays when instead of calling it a early night decide to go out and have fun. After following one friends idea to go to what they assume is a empty mansion one little situation randomly occurs that throws the entire night sprawling downward with each friend making a different story about what is happening and each plotting a different way to handle it.

What makes Body such a good film though is the progress of the story as it develops. Once the film starts rolling it doesn’t stop. I found myself sitting there watching each girl plot what to do and trying to figure out what could possibly happen as Body has such a story that it could play out in a thousand different ways.

Just as the story develops you also see each character change and show their true ways as everything starts to pile up. The characters you see at the beginning of the film almost couldn’t be farther then the end product.

Body is a film that might be hard to write about without giving it away but it’s one film that the less you know about it the better. It’s a thriller that once it starts will hook you in. With a twisting story along with great character progression Body will leave you talking about it for a while.


Score :



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  • August 22nd, 2015 (US Premiere)
  • Horror
  • 88 Minutes


Review And Film Intended For Ages 18 & Up!

Closing out the 3rd day of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival was the U.S. Premiere of Bunny The Killer Thing, by far the oddest movie of the entire fest.

When a group of friends go on a trip up their families cabin for the weekend then along the way pickup a few random people whose car broke down, they never assumed they would be hunted while up there. Soon they find that they are being tormented and chased by a sex crazed half man half bunny who seems to only be interested in one thing.

This story is far out there. It doesn’t go deep, it knows what it is and doesn’t mess with it. We are here to see a group of people just chased down by a killer bunny with a giant human male penis. I wish I was joking but it’s true. This is a bunny who runs around (with the camera focusing on it) and rapes people to death.

Bunny The Killer thing is a horror film from Finland who seems intent on trying to offend or shock as many people as possible. It succeeds in that too. Even looking away from the bunny aspect of the film, all female characters are shallow really while male characters just chase after the women. They even included a woman on woman rape scene to add to it. The film goes for shock and awe. It has the sex aspect and fills it up with some gory moments.

Even with the offensive aspects of the film, Bunny The Killer thing is incredibly goofy. I did find myself laughing and just wondering what I was watching during it. It’s not a film to take seriously, nor is it a great one but it will give you something to tell others about for a bit and is worth a laugh for a one time viewing.


Score :


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  • September 25th, 2015
  • Horror
  • 100 Minutes

Spoiler Free Review


Closing out as the final film for Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival 2015 was a private screening of “The Green Inferno” as the first date of Eli Roth’s Fan Appreciation Tour for the film. Slightly more than a month before wide release a small crowd of less than 200 fans were shown the talked about film that people have been waiting years for.

I should note before the film began Eli Roth and lead actress Lorenza Izzo did come out to talk for a little while about the film sharing stories about the troubles of getting this released, problems with the MPAA, the travel to the location along with the numerous near death incidents that occurred while filming. Roth was very entertaining to listen to and had a glowing passion for the film and loved to talk about it.

For those unaware The Green Inferno follows a group of college activists who upon traveling to the Amazon to save the rain forest have a plane crash and are they taken by the native group of people who they were there to save. They soon find out however that this tribe does not have good intentions and do not see them for the real reason the activists were there.

While Roth and company do begin the film with a strong message about saving the environment and corporate greed that attempts to destroy it all as the film progresses that idea starts to seem to float more and more away. Throwing in conspiracy theories along with several corkscrew additions into the story end up distancing itself from the original premise.

It doesn’t help either that from the get go the majority of college students on the expedition appear to mainly be your typical “save the environment” students with purposes that aren’t just for the preservation of the rain forest.

For anyone who is knowledgeable about horror films as well knows that Eli Roth took his inspiration for this film from older Deodato and Lenzi films including the infamous Cannibal Holocaust film. Green Inferno seems like the remake / off spring love child and it’s nice to see someone bigger like Eli Roth giving credit to one of the most notorious horror films to ever be released and just shows his true die hard love of the horror genre in itself.

Similar to other Roth films including Hostel, The Green Inferno has a extremely slow build up. Near close to the first half of the film is a buildup including meeting main character Justine’s roommate and UN member father who both have small parts in the film. Now certain scenes in the beginning do have meaning later on in the film but I almost feel as if some of the film could have been cut without losing much. I think some of it was an excuse to showcase the beautiful 4K film this movie was shot with because it is beautiful to see.

One of my main concerns though is that once everything starts to go downhill in the film the tumble just remains slow and never really picks up at the pace I expected it to. Things do happen but at a calmer pace. Hearing early reviews about the hard R rating and extreme gore may have lead me to believe it’d be a little crazier but I honestly feel like the film is someone tame compared to previous films of his or just many current horror films in general. Minus the few gory scenes most of the scares or tension just come from the situation they are in with the tribe.

The Tribe themselves are one of the highest notes of the film. For apparently being a tribe that before this film had never had much of anything to do with the outside world let alone any knowledge about films they do a great job in the film giving it that very real feeling they needed similar to how Cannibal Holocaust did it.

After the credits rolled and I had time to really think about The Green Inferno and reflect back on it I can happily come to the conclusion however that for the most part, sadly, I just did not enjoy it. Between a story that twists around, a subplot that seems thrown in just for a sequels sake, one of the worst ending I’ve seen in recent times, and the slow pacing of not only the story but the action I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. The Green Inferno had everything to be a new legendary film in this brand of horror. What we got instead was a less than stellar release that took too long to be released and might have had too much hype along with it. While possibly worth a one time watch when it’s released on DVD most will find themselves not coming back for a second trip to The Green Inferno.


Score :



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  • March 27th, 2015
  • Horror
  • 118 Minutes


Films based off games usually have a bad reputation for being bad so when it was announced that the loved Dead Rising series would be getting a film only to be released on the online video service “Crackle” hopes weren’t set very high. Thankfully however the film managed to impress.

When a government company who produces a vaccine to hold back the zombie virus seemingly fails another zombie outbreak occurs and throws a city in lockdown. Meanwhile a reporter teams up with a girl who can still use the vaccine must team together to make it out alive and get the news out while avoiding zombies, the army, and crazy looters. They try to keep the story moving at a nice pace while never trying to get too deep or complicated.

Surprising though is the violence however. They actually have a good amount of bloody gory and just all around fun zombie slayings as the movie progresses. That plays a part though to the fact that the movie keeps true to the Dead Rising game in certain aspects. We see the giant zombie clown, zombie cops that can random fire their weapon, and eventually makeshift weapons. You also get the casual references to companies and logos that are present in the game series.

The films biggest downfall however is from the cast and how they add or take away from the film. Jesse Metcalfe as Chase does a great job in the lead role. His changing shifts of serious, comical, and sarcastic work great for the style of film. Rob Riggle plays Frank West, a reporter (who in the first Dead Rising game was the main character) who has survived the first zombie takeover. The film cuts over to him in a news studio delivering what is made to funny commentary. Instead we have what is one of the most annoying characters in film this year. Anytime he is on screen it just killed some of the buzz the movie had created.

Overall Dead Rising Watchtower manages to be a fun gory zombie romp that does the game series justice. Being left open for a sequel as well one can just hope that the next in the series increases the balls to the wall factor this one had started.


Sore :



  • Pop Punk
  • Pure Noise Records
  • May 19th, 2015

2.Heavy Gloom
3. Distaste
4. Solo
5. Mock
6. How You Are
7. Nerve
8. Phantom
9. Scowl
10. Stalemate
Usually a band doesn’t release a self titled after several successful records yet The Story So Far have and by doing so have thus not only showed us their best yet but also showed a new side to The Story So Far.

From the first line of Smile you’ll be able to tell that singer Parker Cannon has gone through something horrible in his personal life to be able to write and belt out these heartfelt lyrics. With a mix of near rage induced fury seemingly infused with the heartache of the loss he suffered. What it results in though is some of the best lyrics and vocals sent out in pop punk in years.

You won’t be finding some super fast happy pop punk songs like previous TSSF albums might have had or like any of the bands associated with them will produce. You have mainly mid tempo songs through that seemingly flow in sometimes a random order. The band really showcases the album to randomly throw a catchy chorus where one might not expect. Speaking of which, for a album so heavily soaked in heartache this is one record that will have you belting out the lyrics with all your heart and singing them even after you’ve stopped listening to it.

Parker and company also show their other musical interests with this album sometimes having that bounce around hardcore beat that is popular in such bands as Turnstile now. Knowing the band and such this comes as no surprise with their roots in the hardcore scene.

In a scene where many bands are seemingly copying each other The Story So Far come out with a curveball and end up knocking it out of the park. With heartfelt lyrics sang out to a perfection, some of the catchiest songs as of lately, and just hit after hit if The Story So Far continue how with this then expect them to continue climbing the pop punk leadership ladder like they already are. This is easily one of the best pop punk records in years.


Score :





Italian Dance/Pop singer Marina Pernini has just announced that her new single “What I Want” will be released worldwide via Epictronic on August The 15th 2015

The song has been written, produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by famed dance producer Marco Chiereghin and published by Warner Chappell Music Holland B.V.




Marina stated: I am finally about to release my new single “What I Want” via Epictronic worldwide. I have, once again, decided to work with Marco Chiereghin who is songwriter and producer for my song, for whom I have performed and written the lyrics. This song is about myself and what I want for me, since the lyrics were inspired by people’s constant research for happiness , elsewhere , far from the simple things we deal with on a daily base like love and building on a happy and free soul. “What I Want” is a single release but,  we are really working on a full length album that will be released via Epictronic when ready. Its very hard to describe what I am living with simple words … Having signed this deal is like a dream come true. My own dream coming true. I truly belive that this is a gift from life after a life long commitment and devotion towards music.”



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